How To Install Levolor Blinds Valance

How To Install Levolor Blinds Valance

How To Install Levolor Blinds Valance

Levolor blinds are known for their excellent quality and durability. One of the essential components of Levolor blinds is the valance, which adds a stylish finishing touch to the blinds. While installing the blinds themselves might be a straightforward task, installing the valance requires careful attention to detail. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of installing Levolor blinds valance.


  • Preparation
  • Tools Required
  • Step-by-Step Installation
    • Step 1: Measure and Cut the Valance
    • Step 2: Mount the Valance Clips
    • Step 3: Attach the Valance to the Clips

  • FAQs


Before installing the Levolor blinds valance, make sure the blinds themselves are correctly mounted and in working condition. Additionally, gather the necessary tools required for the installation.

Tools Required

Here are the tools you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Hacksaw or metal cutter (if required)

Step-by-Step Installation

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Valance

The first step is to measure the width of your window. This measurement will determine the length of your valance. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of your window frame. Add an extra inch on each side of the frame to ensure a proper fit.

Once you have determined the width, you may need to cut the valance down to size. Most Levolor valances are easily cut with a hacksaw or metal cutter. Measure the desired length of the valance and mark it with a pencil. Then, using a hacksaw or metal cutter, carefully cut the valance to the correct size.

Step 2: Mount the Valance Clips

Once the valance is cut to the correct size, it’s time to mount the valance clips. Valance clips are small brackets that hold the valance in place. The number of clips needed will depend on the width of your valance.

Start by measuring the width of your valance. Divide that measurement by the recommended spacing provided with the valance clips. This will determine how many valance clips you will need. Mark the positions for the clips evenly along the top edge of the window frame or the outside of the mounted blinds.

Using a screwdriver, attach the valance clips to the marked positions. Make sure they are aligned correctly and securely fastened. It is important to use the right size and type of screws to ensure proper installation.

If you are mounting the valance to the outside of the blinds, make sure the clips align with the top brackets of the blinds. This will ensure the valance is level and aligned with the blinds.

Step 3: Attach the Valance to the Clips

With the valance clips securely mounted, it’s time to attach the valance. Start by holding the valance upside down, with the front-facing the floor.

Slide the valance onto the valance clips, making sure it fits snugly. Gently push the valance upwards until it locks into place.

Once the valance is attached, double-check that it is level and aligned with the blinds. Adjust as necessary by sliding the valance slightly left or right.

Finally, give the valance a firm but careful tap to ensure it is securely attached to the clips. This will prevent any accidental detachment in the future.

And there you have it! Your Levolor blinds valance is now successfully installed.


Q: Can I install the valance myself, or do I need professional help?

A: Installing Levolor blinds valance is a relatively simple task that you can do yourself. Just follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, and you’ll have your valance installed in no time.

Q: What if my valance is too long?

A: If your valance is too long, you will need to trim it down to the correct size. Use a hacksaw or metal cutter to carefully cut the valance to the desired length, following the instructions provided in the article.

Q: Can I mount the valance on the inside of the window frame?

A: Yes, you can mount the valance either on the inside or the outside of the window frame. However, make sure to adjust the position and the type of valance clips accordingly.

Q: Do I need to remove the blinds to install the valance?

A: No, you do not need to remove the blinds to install the valance. The valance can be easily installed on top of the mounted blinds using the valance clips.

Q: Can I use the valance clips provided with the blinds, or do I need to purchase them separately?

A: Levolor blinds often come with valance clips included in the packaging. However, if you need additional clips or replacement ones, you can purchase them separately at most home improvement stores or online.

Now that you have successfully installed your Levolor blinds valance, you can enjoy the enhanced aesthetics and functionality it adds to your blinds. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll have a beautifully finished window treatment that transforms the look of your room.

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