Wulan Guritno to Cupi Cupita, this is a list of artists involved in online gambling promotion cases

Wulan Guritno to Cupi Cupita, this is a list of artists involved in online gambling promotion cases

Wulan Guritno to Cupi Cupita, this is a list of artists involved in online gambling promotion cases

>October 9, 2023 14:17 IWST

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – A wave of online gambling promotion cases has implicated several artists, with police summoning them for questioning.

Almost all the artists allegedly involved in promoting online gambling claim that they were under the impression they were endorsing an online game from the outset.

Below is a list of artists connected to the online gambling promotion case:

– Wulan Guritno
Wulan Guritno responded to investigators from the Directorate of Cyber Crime, Bareskrim Polri, on Thursday (14/9/2023). Previously, she was unable to attend the initial summons on Thursday (7/9) due to illness. The Jakarta Vs Everybody actress has been called for questioning in relation to an online gambling promotional video allegedly produced and aired in 2020.

– Amanda Manopo
Amanda Manopo visited the Police Criminal Investigation Unit on Monday (2/10) to provide information related to the alleged online gambling promotion case. The Ikatan Cinta soap opera star confessed that she was unaware that the website she promoted was actually involved in online gambling. She emphasized that her current predicament resulted from a misunderstanding.

– Yuki Kato
Yuki Kato visited the Criminal Investigation Department of the National Police Headquarters on Saturday (23/9) for an interrogation regarding the alleged promotion of an online gambling site. This was confirmed by Brigadier General Adi Vivin Agustiadi Bachtiar, the Director of Cyber Crime, Bareskrim Polri. Initially, Yuki Kato stated that she was present at Polri Bareskrim only to provide information to the authorities, without disclosing further details.

– Cupi Cupita
Dandut singer Cupi Cupita found herself caught in the storm of an alleged online gambling promotion case. The 31-year-old was interrogated by the Directorate of Cyber Crime (Dittipidsiber) Bareskrim Polri on Tuesday (26/9). Cupi’s lawyer, Henky Solihin, stated that his client was unaware from the start that she was promoting an online gambling site. She accepted the job offer from a trusted individual, believing she was supporting an online game akin to Mobile Legends.

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Once again, artist Dewi Perssik is under suspicion for involvement in an online gambling promotion case.


Q: What was the reason behind artists being involved in online gambling promotion?
A: The artists claim that they were initially informed that the product they were endorsing was an online game, not online gambling. They state they were misled about the nature of the site.

Q: Why were these artists questioned by the police?
A: The police summoned them for questioning to investigate their alleged connections to the promotion of online gambling websites. The investigation aims to determine their level of involvement and knowledge about the activities they promoted.

Q: What actions did the artists take upon being called for questioning?
A: The artists cooperated with the police, providing the information they had regarding the alleged promotion cases. They expressed their lack of awareness about the true nature of the websites involved, asserting their innocence and attributing their involvement to a misunderstanding.

Q: Is there an ongoing investigation into these cases?
A: Yes, the police are conducting investigations to gather evidence and determine the extent of the artists’ involvement in promoting online gambling.

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