Who is the weakest hero in Mobile Legends? Check List!

Who is the weakest hero in Mobile Legends?  Check List!

Who is the weakest hero in Mobile Legends? Check List!

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Mobile Legends offers a diverse range of heroes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will present a list of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends, which may confuse players when choosing their heroes for the Position mode. These heroes are not only less popular but also rarely seen in ranked games. They are often overlooked and do not receive the recognition they deserve in Mobile Legends. It is important to avoid using these heroes as their ineffectiveness can lead to significant losses. While there are various factors that contribute to a team’s defeat, choosing a hero that doesn’t suit the situation is a significant factor.

Before choosing a hero for ranked games, it is advisable to check the list of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends:

1. Hanabi (Marksman): Hanabi was once a strong hero frequently seen in MPL and MDL matches. However, due to nerfs, Hanabi has suffered a decline in power, making it difficult for her to compete with other marksmen. Her main weakness lies in her low durability, especially in the early stages of the game, making her vulnerable to instant kills.

2. Layla (Marksman): Layla is another weak hero in the Marksman role. She lacks the ability to escape from fights, making her an easy target for elimination. Additionally, Layla’s abilities are considered average compared to other marksmen. Despite being one of the first playable heroes in Mobile Legends, she is not a reliable pick in matches.

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3. Minotaur (Tank/Support): Minotaur is a weak hero in the Tank role. He lacks impactful skills that can contribute to team fights and fails to provide effective protection to other tank heroes. His only reliable ability, Rampage, takes quite a while to activate. Moreover, he lacks crowd control abilities, which are crucial in certain situations, making him unable to adequately protect his teammates.

4. Kimmy (Marksman/Mage): Kimmy, after transitioning to the Marksman role, has become one of the weakest heroes due to her inability to fit the meta and low popularity. While Kimmy is not entirely bad, she falls behind other marksmen in terms of consistent damage output and vulnerability to enemy attacks.

5. Aurora (Mage): Aurora is one of the weakest heroes in the Mage role. She rarely engages in combat in the Land of Dawn, making her a less desirable choice compared to other mage heroes. Her lack of escape skills and vulnerability to assassin attacks are her primary weaknesses. Additionally, her low health level and lack of items to improve performance further hinder her effectiveness in battle.

6. Vexana (Mage): Vexana, a mage hero, suffers from the difficulty of controlling her skills to hit enemies accurately. She also has low health, making her less resistant in battles. Vexana heavily relies on specific items, such as Hour of Destiny and Glow Stick, making her unsuitable for fast-paced gameplay.

7. Martis (Fighter): Martis is a hero with the ability to deal massive damage, but unfortunately, his effectiveness is limited to the early and mid-game phases. His long cooldowns make him one of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends. Additionally, he lacks durability, similar to assassin heroes, and his damage output is not exceptional. He rarely receives buffs in the game, making it difficult for him to adapt to the current meta.

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8. Minsitthar (Tank/Fighter): Minsitthar, a half-tank fighter, falls into the category of the weakest heroes due to his slow casting skills and the ease with which opponents can avoid his abilities. While he possesses some skills deserving of a warrior hero, he is considered weaker compared to other heroes. His limited role and less impactful passive make him less suitable for ranked play.

9. Lolita (Tank): Lolita, known for her ability to protect teammates, falls into the category of the weakest heroes when compared to other tank heroes. Her usage in Mobile Legends games is rare. While tanks are generally strong heroes, Lolita struggles to adjust to the latest meta. It would be beneficial if Moonton considers buffing her to improve her effectiveness.

In conclusion, it is crucial to be aware of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends to avoid becoming a burden to your team and to increase your chances of climbing the rankings. By selecting stronger heroes, you can contribute more effectively to your team’s success.

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