What’s behind the Foxconn and Nvidia AI partnership?

What’s behind the Foxconn and Nvidia AI partnership?

What’s behind the Foxconn and Nvidia AI partnership?

Nvidia and Foxconn have recently announced a collaboration that involves the creation of an AI factory. The partnership aims to advance the AI industrial revolution and leverage Nvidia’s technology to develop AI-powered solutions in various industries.

As part of the collaboration, Foxconn will integrate Nvidia’s technology into its smart manufacturing robots and smart cities. The robots will utilize Nvidia’s Isaac autonomous mobile robot platform, while the smart cities will integrate Nvidia’s Metropolis video analytics platform.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, highlighted that every company and industry will eventually have an AI factory, with Foxconn leading the way in building these globally. The AI factory will use Nvidia’s purpose-built GPU computing infrastructure to process and transform large amounts of data into valuable AI models and tokens.

One example of the collaboration is the development of Foxconn’s Model B EV concept car, which will be built using Nvidia’s AI software. The car will collect data throughout its “life experiences” and then undergo software improvements in the AI factory.

Foxconn plans to build many systems based on Nvidia’s technology for its global customer base. It aims to create and operate its own AI factory optimized with Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software. This will enable Foxconn’s customers to leverage accelerated computing for generative AI services and simulations.

Additionally, Foxconn is developing other smart solution platforms using Nvidia’s technology, including the Foxconn Smart EV, the Foxconn Smart Manufacturing robotics system, and the Foxconn Smart City.

The collaboration between Foxconn and Nvidia is expected to push the AI revolution forward and help the industry move faster into the new era of AI.

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