What does the launch of the sixth NTT data center mean for Malaysia?

What does the launch of the sixth NTT data center mean for Malaysia?

What does the launch of the sixth NTT data center mean for Malaysia?

Title: NTT Expands Data Center Footprint in Malaysia, Boosting Digital Growth


NTT Global Data Centers Corporation has recently inaugurated its sixth data center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. With an investment of US$50 million, this state-of-the-art facility aligns with Malaysia’s goal of becoming the “Digital Tiger of Asia” by 2025. The new data center, known as CBJ6, utilizes cutting-edge technology to accommodate a critical IT load of 7MW, covering an area of 4,890m². This expansion complements Malaysia’s growing reputation as a hub for the data center industry.


NTT’s New Data Center Advancing Malaysia’s Digital Vision:

The opening of the CBJ6 data center by NTT Global Data Centers Corporation in Cyberjaya is in line with Malaysia’s vision to establish itself as a leading digital economy in Asia. With an investment of US$50 million, this facility marks the sixth data center on the NTT campus, contributing significantly to Malaysia’s digital growth and development.

Impressive Features of CBJ6 Data Center:

The CBJ6 data center boasts a critical IT load capacity of 7MW, making it capable of handling high-density racks of up to 15kW. Equipped with two 33kV substations and advanced cooling wall technology, it ensures a stable environment for optimal performance. With a space of 4,890m², this new addition complements the existing CBJ5 data center, creating a combined space of 20,000m², with a facility load of 22MW.

Recognizing Malaysia’s Data Center Industry Growth:

According to Knight Frank’s Malaysia Data Center Research Report, Malaysia, along with other Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, has witnessed significant attention in the data center industry due to its large population and untapped potential. Malaysia, in particular, has emerged as the leader with impressive growth, accounting for 113MW uptake in 2022, four times larger than Thailand. This growth can be attributed to the expansion in Johor and the consistent recruitment figures reported in Kuala Lumpur.

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NTT’s Belief in Malaysia as a Data Center Hub:

Datuk Wira Arham Abdul Rahman, CEO of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), recognizes NTT’s continued expansion in Malaysia as a testament to the company’s confidence in Malaysia as a regional data center hub. As Malaysia aims to position itself as a digitally connected country with reliable digital infrastructure, multinational companies are increasing their digital investments in the region, fostering economic growth.

Malaysia’s Strong Reputation in the Global Data Center Sector:

Malaysia has earned a strong reputation in the global data center sector, particularly within Southeast Asia. Apart from Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor state in southern Malaysia are also popular choices for data center locations. Johor, in particular, can support the load required for data centers catering to the needs of neighboring Singapore.

NTT’s Commitment to Malaysia’s Digital Growth:

Takeshi Kimura, Managing Director of NTT Holding Asia’s Global Data Center, highlights the importance of Malaysia as a key market for NTT in meeting the growing business demand. Hyperscalers in Southeast Asia are recognizing NTT as a reliable partner due to the company’s extensive experience in managing networks, submarine cables, and data centers in Asia. The NTT Cyberjaya campus, including the newly launched data center, demonstrates NTT’s commitment to delivering an infrastructure that supports the digital transformation objectives of their customers in Southeast Asia.

Future Prospects and Enhanced Connectivity:

NTT’s expansion in Malaysia extends beyond the data center market. The soon-to-be-commissioned MIST submarine cable, a project that NTT is actively involved in, will revolutionize connectivity at the NTT Cyberjaya data center. Spanning four countries, including Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Thailand, this cable will enhance Malaysia’s global network connectivity, contributing to sustainable socio-economic growth.

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NTT’s investment in the sixth data center in Malaysia signifies the country’s growing importance in the digital landscape. With robust infrastructure and rising demand for data center services, Malaysia aims to position itself as a leading digital economy in Asia. This expansion by NTT reinforces Malaysia’s reputation as an attractive destination for data center investments, further driving its digital growth and development.


1. How many data centers does NTT have in Malaysia?
NTT currently operates six data centers in Malaysia, including the newly launched CBJ6 data center in Cyberjaya.

2. What is the IT load capacity of the CBJ6 data center?
The CBJ6 data center has a critical IT load capacity of 7MW, allowing for high-density rack installations up to 15kW.

3. What is the combined space and facility load of the NTT data centers in Cyberjaya?
The combined space of NTT’s data centers in Cyberjaya, including CBJ6 and CBJ5, is 20,000m², with a facility load of 22MW.

4. How has Malaysia’s data center industry grown in recent years?
Malaysia’s data center industry has experienced significant growth, with an uptake of 113MW in 2022, making it the leading market in Southeast Asia.

5. What is the significance of NTT’s expansion in Malaysia?
NTT’s ongoing expansion in Malaysia reflects the company’s belief in Malaysia’s potential as a regional data center hub and its commitment to supporting the country’s digital transformation goals.

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