Unlock the Novaria Sanz Mobile Legends Build from ONIC Champions!

Unlock the Novaria Sanz Mobile Legends Build from ONIC Champions!

Unlock the Novaria Sanz Mobile Legends Build from ONIC Champions!

Novaria, the Hero Mage introduced in Mobile Legends in May 2023, has quickly become a favorite among players in the middle lane. Known for its mobility and crowd control abilities, Novaria can deal significant damage if used correctly. In this article, we will explore the recommended build for Novaria Sanz, a pro player from ONIC Esports, and provide tips on how to play Novaria effectively.

Item Build for Novaria Sanz in Mobile Legends

1. Hour of Destiny – This item provides an extra 60 magic power, 500 HP, and 600 mana. Its Unique Passive – Time gives Novaria 20 additional max HP and 4 extra magic power every 20 seconds, accumulating up to 15 times. The second Unique Passive – Reincarnate gives an additional 5% magic power and 600 max mana when the time is fully stacked.

2. Arcane Shoes – These shoes increase Novaria’s movement speed by 40 and provide 10 extra magic penetration. Magic penetration is crucial to deal damage to opponents with high defense.

3. Divine Glaive – This item further enhances Novaria’s magic penetration, with its Unique Attribute giving an additional 35% magic penetration. The Unique Passive grants an extra 0.1% to 20% magic penetration when attacking opponents based on their magic defense.

4. Lightning Sword – This item offers an additional 75 magic power, 400 mana, and 10% cooldown reduction. Its Unique Passive – Resonate deals extra magic damage every 6 seconds to three nearby enemy heroes.

5. Holy Crystal – Holy Crystal provides an additional 100 magic power and its Unique Passive – Mystery scales its magic power bonus with level. It also grants extra armor equal to 200% of Novaria’s magic power.

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6. Shield – This item provides armor and recovers within 20 seconds after being damaged. It also increases movement speed proportionate to Novaria’s current armor.

Emblem and Battle Spell for Novaria Sanz in Mobile Legends

For emblems, the following are recommended for Novaria Sanz:

1. Broken Emblem – This emblem provides adaptive penetration. Based on the higher value between physical attack and magic power, Novaria receives corresponding penetration.

2. Weapons Specialist Emblem – This emblem gives a bonus attack increase. Both physical attack and magic power increase by 5% from equipment and skills.

3. Foul Fury Emblem – This emblem provides bonus damage to skills and restores mana when hitting targets.

The recommended battle spell for Novaria Sanz is Sprint, which enhances Novaria’s movement speed for quick escapes.

How to Play Novaria Sanz in Mobile Legends

When playing Novaria in a match, start by using Skill 1 to clear minions quickly. Then, use Skills 2 and the Ultimate (Skill 3) when available. Focus on leveling up Skill 2 to maximize damage output. In the middle lane, use Skills 1 and 2 to harass opponents and force them to retreat, denying them gold and experience. In team fights, prioritize using Skill 2 and the Ultimate to deal maximum damage. Always maintain a safe distance from opponents and utilize Novaria’s aerial advantage.

By following the recommended build and playing strategies for Novaria Sanz, you can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of victory in Mobile Legends matches. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I unlock the Novaria Sanz Mobile Legends Build from ONIC Champions?
A: Unfortunately, there is no specific way to unlock the Novaria Sanz build from ONIC Champions as it is not available for public release. However, you can follow the recommended build and strategies mentioned in this article to emulate ONIC Sanz’s playstyle with Novaria.

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