Try the Most Painful Full Damage Xavier Build! OP Hero Mage!

Try the Most Painful Full Damage Xavier Build!  OP Hero Mage!

Try the Most Painful Full Damage Xavier Build! OP Hero Mage!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a highly popular game worldwide, and one of the fan-favorite heroes is Xaviera Witch, a character with a unique ability to control the battlefield. By utilizing the Xavier Full Damage build, players can enhance their attacks and increase their damage output. In this guide, we will explore various build options to improve Xavier’s performance in Mobile Legends, specifically focusing on the Xavier Full Damage build. Are you curious about the build preferred by professional players? Let’s discuss it together! Pssttt… You can purchase this amazing hero for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. Don’t forget to top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds to be able to acquire it, alright?

Understanding the Xavier Full Damage Build
Xavier is a mage hero who excels in 2023. He can fulfill three different roles or lanes in the game: hyper, golden lane, and EXP lane. As a Witch main, Xavier possesses high early game damage but lacks durability. Heroes like Xavier are vulnerable to attacks from Witches or assassins who can easily ambush him. Xavier’s skills have a relatively short cooldown, allowing players to repeatedly eliminate opponents. His major advantage lies in his exceptionally high damage output, although he does possess some crowd control capabilities. However, Xavier’s weaknesses lie in his low HP and limited defensive abilities. Nevertheless, with the Xavier Full Damage build that we will discuss, these weaknesses can be overcome.

Item Build for Xavier Full Damage
Below are some recommended item builds for Xavier Full Damage in 2023:

1. Magic Shoes:
These shoes are perfect for heroes with high burst damage. They provide extra magical damage when using skills.

2. Clock of Destiny:
This item is highly effective during the early game due to its strong passive. It not only boosts magic damage significantly but also provides additional 25 HP and 4 Magic Attack every 20 seconds. Its effect can stack up to 12 times, granting 300 extra HP and 48 extra Magic Attack.

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3. Lightning Truncheon:
As the name suggests, this item complements the Hour of Destiny by enhancing its damage output. It functions like electricity, reflecting damage to surrounding enemies. Every 6 seconds, the skill will bounce and deal 20-1000 Magic Damage to up to 3 nearby enemies.

4. Necklace of Durance:
This item is ideal against heroes who heavily rely on healing or lifesteal. It is a common choice for penetrating enemy defenses, dealing damage to opponents and reducing their Magic Defense by 2-9. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can stack up to 3 times.

5. Genius Wand:
This item synergizes well with the build when combined with Holy Crystal. Its unique ability provides increased Magic Penetration based on the enemy’s Magic Defense, up to a maximum of 20%.

6. Divine Glaive:
This item is most effective when used in combination with other items that break defense. Though it does not provide any additional attributes other than Magical Power, the Magical Power it grants is remarkably high. It also features a unique passive that enhances Witch skills. When skills are used sequentially, Magic Attack will increase by 21-35% based on the Total Magic Damage Xavier possesses.

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations for Xavier Full Damage Build
In the Land of Dawn battles, Emblems and Battle Spells play crucial roles, particularly during the early game. Emblems that are leveled up offer essential additional attributes, while the right Battle Spell can greatly aid in chasing enemies or escaping from them.

Emblem Recommendations:
If you are using a hero with a full attack combo and wish to add extra damage, the Mage Emblem with the Magic Worship effect is recommended. This emblem deals an additional 7% damage of the target’s HP three times over a span of 5 seconds. Additionally, it inflicts a burning effect that continuously reduces the enemy’s HP, with a 12-second cooldown.

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If your hero requires an item to increase damage, the Mage Emblem with the Mystery Shop effect is suitable. This emblem grants a 90% discount on all purchased items, making it highly cost-effective.

Battle Spell Recommendations:
If you doubt your survivability in battle, the Flicker spell can help you escape easily. It allows you to move to another location without any additional special abilities. After using it, you will also receive additional physical and magical defense attributes for 1 second. However, do note that the Flicker spell has a cooldown of 120 seconds or 2 minutes.

If the opponent’s team consists of heroes with crowd control or stun abilities, the Purify spell can be used to remove all negative effects inflicted by the enemy. As heroes with low health depend on life steal, being stunned halts their movement and prevents them from continuing the fight. The Purify spell provides invulnerability for 1.2 seconds and increases movement speed by 15%.

If you prefer an aggressive playstyle, the Aegis spell can confuse your opponents while protecting yourself from surprise attacks. This spell has an absorption effect that can absorb a significant amount of damage. Additionally, it can shield your nearby teammates, absorbing 70% damage inflicted on them.

How to Play with the Xavier Full Damage Build
Xavier is an easily mastered hero, even for new players. The challenging part may lie in effectively utilizing his skill, Dawn Light. Here are some tips and skill combinations for playing Xavier:

1. Use the 2-1-3 skill combination:
This lethal combination is highly effective in catching opponents off guard with disabling impact. Before they have a chance to escape, finish them off with Xavier’s ultimate, Dawn Light.

2. Take advantage of Xavier’s short cooldowns:
Pay attention to Xavier’s passive, which reduces his skill cooldown significantly when fully stacked. With the recommended item build explained above, you can have skills with almost non-existent cooldowns. Exploit this advantage to continuously unleash your skills and drain the opponent’s HP.

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3. Maintain map awareness:
As a Mage/Support hero with burst damage abilities, Xavier should actively participate in team battles. It is crucial to constantly monitor the map to determine when and where you can support your teammates effectively. Xavier’s skills are especially useful in high-level battles.

Closing Thoughts
That concludes our review of the Xavier Full Damage build, which transforms Xavier into a devastating Witch with high damage capabilities. This hero is a widely preferred pick in different game modes. Are you interested in trying it out? Explore the Most Painful Full Damage Xavier Build and experience the power of this OP Mage hero!

1. How can I purchase Xavier?
You can acquire Xavier for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds in Mobile Legends. Make sure to top up your Diamonds before purchasing.

2. Can the Xavier Full Damage build overcome his weaknesses?
Yes, with the recommended item build and strategic gameplay, Xavier’s low HP and minimal defensive abilities can be compensated for, allowing you to dominate the battlefield.

3. Which emblem and battle spell are recommended for Xavier Full Damage?
For the emblem, the Mage emblem with Magic Worship or Mystery Shop effects is recommended. As for the battle spell, Flicker, Purify, or Aegis can be chosen depending on your playstyle and the situation in the game.

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