Tips for playing Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Tips for playing Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Tips for playing Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legend Bang Bang

Updated: November 3, 2023 21:05

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Tips for playing Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legend Bang Bang

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Tips for playing Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legend Bang Bang:

Mobile Legend is a popular game with a wide player base worldwide, and one of the most impressive heroes in the game is Lancelot, an Assassin with exceptional fighting skills. Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a reliable Lancelot player:

  1. Understand Lancelot’s Skills: Before starting the game with Lancelot, it’s important to thoroughly understand the skills he possesses. Lancelot has three unique skills:
    • Skill 1 (Prick): This skill allows Lancelot to launch himself towards the target, dealing damage to the enemy he hits. Use this skill to get close to enemies or escape from dangerous situations.
    • Skill 2 (Thorned Rose): Lancelot glides towards the target, dealing damage and inflicting a slow effect on the enemy. This skill is very useful for chasing enemies or slowing them down while running away.
    • Skill 3 (Phantom Execution): Lancelot’s ultimate skill inflicts massive damage to enemies in the surrounding area. Use this skill wisely to finish off weak enemies or to avoid dangerous enemy attacks.
  2. Pay attention to position and timing: As an assassin, Lancelot heavily relies on the right positioning and timing. Avoid rushing into unfavorable battles and pay close attention to the right opportunity to launch an attack. Make sure you have an escape plan if the situation becomes dangerous.
  3. Use Combo Skills Wisely: To optimize Lancelot’s potential, master effective combinations of his skills. One combo you can try is to use Skill 2 to get close to the enemy, then use Skill 1 to deal extra damage, and finally use Skill 3 to finish off the enemy as quickly as possible. Experiment with different skill combinations to find the one that suits your play style.
  4. Pay attention to the right item build: Choosing the right items is crucial in maximizing Lancelot’s potential. Some recommended items for Lancelot include Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, and Bloodlust Axe. Consider the needs of your team and the enemy when selecting items.
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Lancelot is an awesome hero in Mobile Legend. By understanding his skills, mastering effective combinations, using the right items, and communicating with your team, you can become a reliable Lancelot player. Always practice and experiment with different strategies to improve your skills. Have fun playing and good luck!


Q: How do I unlock Lancelot in Mobile Legend?

A: Lancelot can be unlocked by purchasing him using in-game currency or by receiving him as a reward through events or achievements.

Q: What is the best strategy to counter Lancelot as an opponent?

A: To counter Lancelot, try to engage him in a team fight with crowd control abilities. Focus on disabling him and coordinating with your team to burst him down quickly.

Q: Are there any alternative heroes similar to Lancelot?

A: Yes, there are other heroes with similar playstyles and characteristics as Lancelot. Some alternative heroes to consider are Gusion, Fanny, and Hayabusa.

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