Thousands of Bikers Appreciate the Festival of Kalimantan Region’s HBD at Qubu Resort — Suarapemredkalbar.com

Thousands of Bikers Appreciate the Festival of Kalimantan Region’s HBD at Qubu Resort — Suarapemredkalbar.com

Thousands of Bikers Appreciate the Festival of Kalimantan Region’s HBD at Qubu Resort — Suarapemredkalbar.com

Thousands of Bikers Show Appreciation for the Kalimantan Region’s HBD Festival at Qubu Resort

The Honda Bikers Day (HBD) 2023 event in the Kalimantan Region was a massive success, bringing together various communities and Honda motorcycle enthusiasts. The event, organized by the West Borneo Honda Community, was attended by three other Honda Community Committees from Central Kalimantan, Samarinda, and Balikpapan. Held at Qubu Resort in Pontianak on September 30, 2023, the event marked the long-awaited reunion of Honda motorcycle enthusiasts from across Indonesia after a three-year hiatus due to the epidemic.

The Kalimantan Region Honda Bikers Day Series 2023 was made possible through collaboration between PT Astra Honda Motor and Honda’s main dealer network, including Astra Motor West Kalimantan, Astra Motor Samarinda, Astra Motor Balikpapan, and Trio Motor Banjarmasin. This series of events aims to strengthen solidarity and brotherhood among bikers throughout Indonesia.

The Honda Bikers Day event in Pontianak featured various activities, starting with Zumba Gymnastics and the provision of a Mobile Driver’s License Service. The event also included CSR activities such as Blood Donation drives. One of the highlights was an RC Competition with categories like RC Rally and RC Adventure, along with a Photo/Reel competition called “Sharing Moments Together” with a total prize of 4,500,000 for three winners.

To further enhance the visitor experience, there were various Booth Corners available. The Bike Corner offered special promos with savings ranging from 2.7 million to 6 million for models like Beat, Genio, Scoopy, Vario 160, ADV motorcycles, PCX 160, and CB150X. Additionally, a Finance Booth provided games like Mobile Legend Competition, Honda Riding Trainer, Balloon Ball, Wristband Throw, Free Haircut for Photo Competition, and a Playstation Competition in partnership with Leasing Companies.

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But the excitement didn’t end there. Astra Motor presented a Riding Test Booth, allowing users to experience the thrill of riding dream motorcycles such as ADV, Vario, Genio, and PCX. Visitors could also take advantage of a cheap service, offering oil change++ for only IDR 25 thousand. Moreover, Clothing and Accessories Stores offered discounts ranging from 5 percent to a Genuine Honda Spare Parts Bazaar with discounts of up to 78 percent.

Lukas Ferinata, the Head of West Kalimantan Astra Motor Region, expressed his hopes for the HBD event to continue being a unifying force for Honda riders and to generate positive contributions to driving safety and the country as a whole.

In addition to the events in Lampung and Pontianak, the Honda Bikers Day festivities will continue in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, at Dataran Rindam XIII Merdeka on October 7, 2023. Finally, the grand finale will be the National HBD event held at Padang Rampal, Malang, East Java, on October 28, 2023. This event will also serve as a special occasion for bikers to celebrate Youth Pledge Day.


1. When and where was the Honda Bikers Day 2023 Kalimantan Region event held?
The event took place on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at Qubu Resort in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

2. How long was the Honda Bikers Day event on hiatus?
The event was on a three-year hiatus due to the epidemic.

3. Which Honda Community Committees attended the event?
The Central Kalimantan Honda Motor Association, Samarinda Motor Association, and Balikpapan Honda Association were among the participating Honda Community Committees.

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4. What activities were available at the Honda Bikers Day event in Pontianak?
Activities included Zumba Gymnastics, Mobile Driver’s License Service, CSR activities like Blood Donation, an RC Competition, and a Photo/Reel competition.

5. What discounts were offered at the event’s Clothing and Accessories Store?
Discounts ranged from 5 percent to up to 78 percent at the Genuine Honda Spare Parts Bazaar.

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