Starlight Skin October 2023: Price to Prize

Starlight Skin October 2023: Price to Prize

Starlight Skin October 2023: Price to Prize

Entering October 2023, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has released its special starlight skin for this month. The chosen hero to receive the starlight skin is Layla, a Marksman-type hero. This skin, named “Twilight Waltz,” has been released to celebrate the Starlight Anniversary Exclusive. Let’s take a closer look at Layla’s starlight skin for October 2023.

For MLBB players, the monthly starlight skin event is a familiar occurrence. Each month, the game developer, Moonton, holds this event for a different hero. These exclusive skins are only available for a limited time period and can be accessed by obtaining a Starlight membership. Players can obtain the membership by subscribing to the payment plan during that specific month. By becoming a member, players gain access to exclusive skins that are only available during that month.

In October 2023, Moonton has chosen Layla, the Marksman hero, to receive the starlight skin. This exclusive skin offers a unique experience for Layla users, with cool visual effects and distinctive sound effects. Layla is a hero that is easily accessible to players of all levels, from beginners to pros.

The Twilight Waltz skin transforms Layla into a more beautiful and graceful character, who dances under the moonlight. The recall animation has also been updated, with Layla spinning around as if dancing to the music. Additionally, Layla’s abilities have new effects in this Starlight skin. The Starlight Skin Malefic Canon can now capture moonlight, providing a different gameplay experience.

Players who purchase the exclusive starlight pass this month will receive various perks and rewards as they level up their pass subscription. One of the rewards is the exclusive Layla Twilight Waltz painted skin, which features a purple-blue color scheme. Another gift is the exclusive footprint effect, adding elegance to the gameplay. Furthermore, players with Layla’s Starlight skin will have a Holy Statue that appears at the end of the game, providing beneficial effects to help them win.

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Aside from the main Starlight skin, Starlight members in October 2023 will also receive other gifts, including the Kill Exclusive Notification Starlight, Exclusive Starlight Graffiti, Exclusive Starlight Chat Bubble, and Exclusive Starlight Avatar Border. These gifts enhance the player’s appearance and add uniqueness to the gameplay.

The price for Layla’s starlight skin is 300 diamonds, or 750 diamonds for the starlight plus version. Diamonds can be purchased in-game or through the VCGamers Marketplace. In the game, 250 diamonds cost IDR 75,000, and 50 diamonds cost IDR 15,000. To acquire the starlight skin, players would need to spend IDR 90,000. For the starlight plus skin, 750 diamonds cost IDR 299,000.

On the VCGamers Marketplace, players can quickly and affordably top up their MLBB diamonds, with a price range of IDR 64,000 to IDR 70,000 for 300 diamonds. As for the starlight plus version, it can be purchased for IDR 161,500 to IDR 185,000.

In conclusion, Layla’s starlight skin for October 2023 offers a unique and visually stunning experience for players. With its exclusive features and rewards, it is an exciting addition to the game.

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