Row of YouTubers Charged with Promoting Online Gambling

Row of YouTubers Charged with Promoting Online Gambling

Row of YouTubers Charged with Promoting Online Gambling

Jakarta, October 18, 2023 – There are reports circulating on social media claiming that several popular video game YouTubers are promoting online gambling during their live broadcasts. The Indonesian government is paying close attention to this issue. According to @PartaiSocmed, these YouTubers openly accept donations from online gambling sites, amounting to tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. They use various forms of promotion to encourage gambling, including slogans like “Gacorrr” (a slang term meaning winning big) and other phrases synonymous with online gambling.

The following are some of the YouTubers who have been accused of promoting online gambling. It’s important to note that these YouTubers have since apologized for their involvement with online gambling sites.

– Steven Kurniawan: Known by his stage name Marsha Ozawa, Steven reportedly received a staggering amount of money, IDR 15.8 billion, from online gambling promotions disguised as donations. He has 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Screenshots from @PartaiSocmed show that Steven repeatedly promoted online gambling during his live broadcasts.

– Hard Aldean: Aldean Tegar, who goes by the YouTube name DEANKT, is also suspected of promoting online gambling during his live streams. It has been reported that one of his viewers, who is still in junior high school, became addicted to online gambling.

– Maxhill Antiimage: Maxwell, a professional player from EVOS, allegedly received IDR 8.3 billion from online gambling promotions in the form of donations. The 21-year-old has 1.53 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

– Courtesy of Luminaire: Ihsan Besari Kusudana, also known as Luminaire, is a former YouTuber turned professional player of the game Mobile Legend. He is also allegedly involved in promoting online gambling. According to @PartaiSocmed, Ihsan received donations from online gambling sites amounting to IDR 6.2 billion. He has more than 1.13 million subscribers.

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The government is closely monitoring this situation and taking necessary actions to address the issue of YouTubers promoting online gambling. Online gambling can have negative consequences, especially for young viewers who may become addicted. It is crucial for content creators, especially those with a significant following, to be responsible and promote activities that are legal and safe.


Q: Is online gambling legal in Indonesia?
A: No, online gambling is illegal in Indonesia. The government strictly prohibits any form of gambling, including online gambling.

Q: Are these YouTubers facing legal consequences for promoting online gambling?
A: The government is investigating these cases, and if found guilty, these YouTubers could face legal consequences for their involvement in promoting illegal activities.

Q: What measures are being taken to protect viewers from being exposed to online gambling?
A: The Indonesian government is working on stricter regulations and enforcement against online gambling. They are also focusing on raising awareness about the risks and negative impacts of gambling, particularly targeting young audiences.

Q: What actions can viewers take if they come across YouTubers promoting online gambling?
A: Viewers can report such content to the relevant authorities or platforms, such as YouTube, to ensure appropriate actions are taken against those promoting illegal activities.

Q: What is being done to educate young viewers about the dangers of online gambling?
A: The government is working on educational campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness among young people about the risks of online gambling. This includes collaborations with schools, youth organizations, and social media platforms to provide accurate information and support resources.

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