Middle School Boy Sad When Asked What He Wants To Play, ‘Slots… Slots…’

Middle School Boy Sad When Asked What He Wants To Play, ‘Slots… Slots…’

Middle School Boy Sad When Asked What He Wants To Play, ‘Slots… Slots…’

Title: Impact of Online Gambling on Teenagers Revealed by Disturbing Encounter

Online gambling has witnessed significant growth in recent times, with fewer restrictions on such platforms. Surprisingly, even teenagers have begun engaging in online gambling, as revealed by a distressing incident recounted by a witness. This incident highlights the worrisome trend of young children participating in online gambling activities.

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A few weeks ago, while passing by a shop, an individual noticed a primary school boy engrossed in slot gambling. Intrigued by the sight, the observer approached the boy and inquired about his choice of game. To the shock of the witness, the kid replied nonchalantly, “Slots… Slots…,” demonstrating his familiarity with online gambling. This incident, as shared by user @christopher***, sheds light on the disturbing reality of young children indulging in live online gambling.

When questioned about their knowledge of such games, the children disclosed that they learned about them through YouTube channels that primarily feature content related to Mobile Legends, a popular game. This suggests that teenage exposure to online gambling primarily stems from the promotion of these gambling activities by gaming content creators.

Reflecting on this disheartening revelation, the observer expressed sympathy for these young individuals. From a psychological standpoint, teenagers are in a phase of development that makes them vulnerable and easily influenced. Notably, children often idolize public figures, such as streamers, and tend to emulate their behaviors without critically evaluating the consequences.

Furthermore, children’s cognitive abilities may not enable them to discern the distinction between the real and virtual worlds. For them, slot gambling may just be perceived as a common form of entertainment, devoid of the understanding that it entails gambling risks. The witness exemplified this by mentioning how children remain unaware of being misled by deceptive in-game systems, like “gacha,” which involve chance-based virtual item acquisition.

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Additionally, due to their limited understanding of the concept of money, children do not exhibit fear of losing while gambling, further complicating the issue. The combination of idolization, impressionable minds, and insufficient comprehension of monetary values contributes to this alarming trend among young individuals.

The pervasive influence of online platforms expands the reach of gambling activities, capturing the attention of impressionable teenagers. By recounting a distressing encounter with primary school boys engaged in online gambling, it becomes clear that immediate action is required to address this concerning issue. Ensuring that educational institutions, parents, and society at large engage in proactive measures to educate teenagers about the dangers of online gambling is crucial to safeguarding their well-being.


1. What are the risks associated with teenagers engaging in online gambling?
Teenagers engaging in online gambling are exposed to various risks, including the development of addictive behaviors, financial losses, mental health issues, and a negative impact on their academic performance and social relationships.

2. How can parents protect their children from online gambling?
Parents can protect their children from online gambling by actively monitoring their internet usage, employing parental control tools, initiating open and honest conversations about the risks involved in gambling, and fostering a healthy digital lifestyle.

3. What measures can educational institutions take to address this issue?
Educational institutions can incorporate comprehensive awareness programs into their curricula to educate students about the risks and consequences of online gambling. These programs should focus on enhancing critical thinking skills and providing support mechanisms for students who may be vulnerable to such activities.

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4. What role can society play in combating teenage online gambling?
Society plays a crucial role in combating teenage online gambling by raising awareness about the issue, fostering an environment that encourages open discussions, and advocating for stricter regulations to deter underage individuals from accessing online gambling platforms.

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