Kayess Profile and Biodata, Real Name, Date of Birth and Religion

Kayess Profile and Biodata, Real Name, Date of Birth and Religion

Kayess Profile and Biodata, Real Name, Date of Birth and Religion

Kayess Profile and Biodata: Uncovering the Real Name, Date of Birth, and Religion

The name Kayess is no stranger to Esports enthusiasts. However, not many are aware that Kayess’s real name is Kharisma Cahya Putri, a prominent figure in the esports scene. Below, you will find Kayess’s profile and bio, shedding more light on this popular individual.

Kayess is the Brand Ambassador for the ONIC esports team. Since joining the team, Kayess has garnered immense popularity among players, thanks to their cute and charismatic personality.

Before becoming a part of ONIC, Kayess was already a social media sensation, particularly on TikTok. Even while actively studying in high school, Kayess attracted attention and was officially recruited by ONIC.

Although Kayess serves as a Brand Ambassador for ONIC’s Yellow Hedgehog team, they have never participated in competitive gaming. Instead of popular titles like Free Fire, Mobile Legend, or PUBG, Kayess’s most played games include Pou and The Sims. However, over time, they have become acquainted with the world of competitive esports.

Kayess has also ventured into gaming and opened their own online game top-up store. On TikTok, Kayess shares various entertaining content from their daily life as an ONIC brand ambassador. Their videos range from interesting moments to enjoyable challenges that are captivating to watch.

Do you want to know more about who Kayess truly is? Here is the biodata for Kayess, as formulated by the Suara.com team:

– Full Name: Kharisma Cahya Putri
– Stage Name: ONIC Kayess
– Nickname: Kayess
– Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, West Java, May 13, 2003
– Indonesian citizenship
– Religion: Islam
– Profession: TikToker, Gamer
– Hobbies: Traveling
– Twitter: @ewkharis
– Instagram: @ewkharis
– TikTok: @yourrkayesss

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Currently, Kayess’s Mobile Legends skills have greatly improved since joining ONIC. This can be attributed to frequently playing alongside professional players, even MLBB legends such as Oura and Emperor.

An interesting fact about Kayess is their involvement as a dubber for “Go ONIC.” The ONIC Esport team has introduced useful voice emotes to motivate players in Mobile Legends games.

The emotes released for the second version have a softer and cuter sound compared to the first version. Although not explicitly stated, many fans believe that the dubber behind the voice is none other than the BA Hedgehog Yellow, ONIC Kayess.

This completes the profile and biodata for Kayess, providing you with valuable insight and references. We hope you find this information useful.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What is Kayess’s real name?
Kayess’s real name is Kharisma Cahya Putri.

2. What is Kayess’s date of birth?
Kayess was born on May 13, 2003.

3. What is Kayess’s religion?
Kayess follows the Islamic faith.

4. What is Kayess’s profession?
Kayess is a TikToker and a gamer.

5. Does Kayess play competitive games?
Despite being a Brand Ambassador for the ONIC esports team, Kayess does not play competitive games. Their preferred games include Pou and The Sims.

Contributor: Pasha Aiga Wilkins

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