KawanJuangGP & Sahabat Ganjar Successfully Hold an E-Sports Tournament in South Jakarta

KawanJuangGP & Sahabat Ganjar Successfully Hold an E-Sports Tournament in South Jakarta

KawanJuangGP & Sahabat Ganjar Successfully Hold an E-Sports Tournament in South Jakarta

Monday, 09 October 2023 – 21:37 WIB
Two volunteer organizations, KawanJuangGP and Sahabat Ganjar, led by Ganjar Pranowo, came together to organize an exhilarating e-Sports tournament in South Jakarta. The event attracted participants from diverse backgrounds and was held successfully on October 7-8, 2023. Kavan Ganjar captured the essence of the tournament in a captivating photo.

This collaborative effort between KawanJuangGP volunteers and Sahabat Ganjar showcased two exciting e-Sports tournaments in South Jakarta (Jaksel). The first tournament, held on Saturday (7/10), featured the popular game Mobile Legend and captivated talented players from various walks of life. It not only strengthened the bond between volunteers but also united gaming enthusiasts across the city.

Imron Rosyidi, the event coordinator from DPW Sahabat Ganjar DKI Jakarta, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration between KawanJuangGP and Sahabat Ganjar, highlighting the shared intention of building a strong generation in the field of e-Sports. “KawanJuangGP has partnered with Sahabat Ganjar to successfully organize this e-Sports tournament, emphasizing the development of an accomplished e-Sports community,” stated Imron Rosyidi on Monday (9/10).

On Sunday (8/10), the organizers conducted another successful tournament featuring the widely popular game, PUBG. The passionate atmosphere and camaraderie among the participants created an unforgettable experience for both contestants and spectators.

Rashid, one of the participants in the Mobile Legend tournament, expressed his delight at being part of the competition. In addition to enhancing his e-Sports skills, he relished the opportunity to compete for significant prizes. “I am thrilled to be a part of the tournament organized by KawanJuangGP and Sahabat Ganjar, especially considering the substantial reward awaiting the winner,” said Rasyid.

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These tournaments not only provide players with a platform to showcase their skills but also facilitate the formation of new networks and foster friendships in the ever-growing virtual world.

FAQ Section:

Q: Can anyone participate in these e-Sports tournaments?
A: Yes, these tournaments are open to all individuals who are passionate about e-Sports and meet the specified requirements.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for participation?
A: The age requirements for participation may vary depending on the specific game and tournament rules. Please refer to the tournament guidelines for more information.

Q: How can I stay updated about future e-Sports tournaments organized by KawanJuangGP and Sahabat Ganjar?
A: To stay informed about upcoming e-Sports tournaments, you can follow the social media accounts of both organizations or visit their respective websites for announcements and registration details.

Q: Are there any entry fees to participate in these tournaments?
A: Entry fees, if applicable, will be clearly mentioned in the tournament registration guidelines. It is recommended to review the guidelines before registering for a tournament.

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