Indonesian Children Now Gambling Since Childhood

Indonesian Children Now Gambling Since Childhood

Indonesian Children Now Gambling Since Childhood

Unique High-Quality Post: The Growing Trend of Online Gambling Among Indonesian Teens

Online gambling continues to gain popularity, with companies attracting more and more people to try their applications. Surprisingly, even teenagers have started participating in online gambling, as shared by a man named Christopher on the platform X. He recently witnessed a group of high school boys gambling live online in front of a store. When he asked them about the game, they mentioned learning about it from a YouTube channel that primarily focused on Mobile Legend content. This indicates that teenagers are being exposed to online gambling through gaming content creators.

Christopher expressed his concern for these young teenagers who are still psychologically unstable and easily influenced. Firstly, children tend to idolize public figures and imitate their actions without considering the consequences. Secondly, their understanding of the virtual world versus reality is not fully developed. To them, gambling slots are seen as just another “toy” without realizing the actual risks involved. Christopher further highlighted that children’s cognitive abilities are still simple, and they struggle to comprehend the concept of money. This lack of understanding makes them less fearful of losing money while participating in gambling activities.

In addition to individual influencers, Christopher also noticed that even well-known artists are engaging in online gambling. This further expands its reach and influence, particularly among teenagers who are more susceptible to being brainwashed or manipulated. This worrying trend leads to teenagers diverting the money they should be using for skin and equipment purchases in games towards online gambling.

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According to Christopher, the consequences of this growing problem can be detrimental to the future of these young individuals. It can result in poor school performance, depression, delinquency, and even involvement in criminal activities. Furthermore, parents often bear the financial burden of the losses incurred by their children in gambling activities.

Christopher expressed his hope that the government would take immediate action to block and impose severe warnings or punishments on influencers who promote online gambling to protect vulnerable teenagers.

“It’s Not About the Money”: Insights from a Recovered Gambling Addict

Eoin Coyne, a recovered gambling addict, recently spoke out about the alarming increase in gambling addiction in Ireland. Recent data shows that one in 30 adults in the country has a gambling problem, a tenfold increase compared to the statistics from 2019. Coyne shared his experience during an event, The Pat Kenny Show, emphasizing that gambling addiction is not solely about money. He confessed that the thrill and excitement from gambling were the driving forces behind his addiction.

Coyne admitted that his gambling addiction started in his late teens and early twenties when his income was limited. He would borrow money from friends and even resort to taking loans to sustain his gambling habits. His life revolved around gambling, with thoughts about betting consuming his mind from the moment he woke up until he went to sleep. The problem worsened when he started gambling online, as he found it increasingly difficult to distance himself from the activity.

What made Coyne’s addiction even more challenging to detect was his ability to appear happy and unaffected by his losses in front of others. Close friends and family knew about his passion for gambling but were unaware of the seriousness of his addiction. Coyne stressed that problem gambling is a hidden form of addiction that often goes unnoticed by those around the individual.

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In conclusion, both the growing trend of online gambling among Indonesian teenagers and the increasing rates of gambling addiction in Ireland highlight the need for stricter regulations and awareness campaigns. Parents, educators, and the government must work together to protect vulnerable teens and provide support for individuals struggling with gambling addiction.


1. Is online gambling growing among Indonesian teenagers?

Yes, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among Indonesian teenagers. They are exposed to it through gaming content creators on platforms like YouTube.

2. Why are teenagers more susceptible to online gambling?

Teenagers are more vulnerable due to their psychological instability, their tendency to idolize public figures, and their limited understanding of the consequences of gambling.

3. What are the potential consequences of teenage gambling?

Teenagers who engage in gambling may experience poor school performance, depression, delinquency, and may even become involved in criminal activities.

4. What can be done to address this issue?

The government should implement stricter regulations and punishments for influencers who promote online gambling. Additionally, parents and educators should educate teenagers about the risks and consequences of gambling.

5. Can gambling addiction be detected easily?

No, gambling addiction is often a hidden form of addiction that is difficult to detect. Individuals may appear happy and unaffected by their losses, making it challenging for friends and family to realize the seriousness of the addiction.

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