Implementing P5, Secondary School Students in Kudus Invited to Explore and Show Work

Implementing P5, Secondary School Students in Kudus Invited to Explore and Show Work

Implementing P5, Secondary School Students in Kudus Invited to Explore and Show Work

HOLY, Lingkarjateng.id – The Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project, also known as P5, is a part of an independent curriculum introduced by the Central Government. The implementation of P5 focuses on enhancing students’ competence and character by encouraging them to explore their talents beyond the confines of the classroom. SMAN 2 Bae in Kudus District has embraced this initiative.

According to Puji Rahayu, the principal of SMAN 2 Bae Kudus, P5 was incorporated into the school’s 41st anniversary celebration. Students were given the freedom to independently explore various aspects of P5.

“This is not just a display of something irrelevant. We aim to stimulate creative innovation among students through a range of activities, including extracurricular competitions and P5 entrepreneurship projects,” Puji explained on October 9, 2023.

The primary objective of these events is to change the mindset of students, teachers, and all stakeholders regarding the notion that learning only takes place within the four walls of a classroom. Puji emphasized the importance of providing students with the freedom and opportunity to learn outside the traditional setting, allowing them to integrate into society more effectively. Entrepreneurship is a significant aspect of this approach, enabling students to hone their skills, express themselves, and generate income.

Puji expressed hope that the 41st anniversary activities, centered around the theme “Speccher,” would serve as a platform for students to learn and leverage every opportunity presented to them. The school’s progress in terms of education quality, as reflected in their report card, will be assessed during the Internal Training for Educators and Teaching Staff (IHT) activities.

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The commemorative events include a wide range of activities such as healthy walks, entertaining competitions like paper car racing, friendly high school choir contests, E-Sport Mobile Legend, pencak silat, karate, azan and Al-Qur’an tartil competitions, and an MSME bazaar for all students.

Puji’s goal is to encourage students to develop their full potential in both academic and non-academic areas. He believes that every student’s potential, regardless of its size, deserves recognition as they are the future pillars of the country.

Implementing P5 provides students with a unique opportunity to explore and showcase their talents beyond the traditional classroom setting. It encourages them to develop their entrepreneurial and creative skills while instilling values such as independence and innovation.


1. What is the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project?
The Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project, or P5, is an independent curriculum initiative launched by the Central Government. It aims to enhance students’ competence and character by encouraging them to explore their talents beyond the classroom.

2. What is the objective of implementing P5?
The main objective of implementing P5 is to change the traditional mindset of learning and provide students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom. It focuses on developing students’ entrepreneurial and creative skills, enabling them to express themselves and generate income.

3. What activities are included in P5 implementation?
The activities included in P5 implementation at SMAN 2 Bae in Kudus District range from extracurricular competitions to an MSME bazaar. Students are given the freedom to explore various aspects of P5, including sports, arts, and entrepreneurship.

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4. How does P5 benefit students?
P5 gives students the freedom to explore their full potential and develop skills beyond academics. It encourages independence, innovation, and a proactive approach to learning. Additionally, the project aims to prepare students for their future roles in society.

5. How does SMAN 2 Bae Kudus commemorate their 41st anniversary?
To celebrate their 41st anniversary, SMAN 2 Bae Kudus organized a series of activities under the theme “Speccher.” These activities include healthy walks, competitions, and an MSME bazaar, providing students with an opportunity to learn and showcase their talents.

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