How To Get Better Mechanically At League Of Legends

How To Get Better Mechanically At League Of Legends

How To Get Better Mechanically At League Of Legends

How To Get Better Mechanically At League Of Legends


League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular online multiplayer games globally, with millions of players
battling it out in the Summoner’s Rift. To become a proficient player in LoL, it is essential to develop strong
mechanical skills. Mechanical skills refer to a player’s ability to execute in-game actions accurately and
efficiently. In this article, we will explore various strategies and tips to help you improve your mechanical
skills in League of Legends.


1. Practice Last Hitting

One fundamental mechanical skill in LoL is the ability to last hit minions effectively. Last hitting refers to
landing the final blow on minions to secure gold and experience. It is crucial to practice last hitting in a
controlled environment, such as in custom games or against AI opponents. Aim to achieve a near-perfect last hitting
score to maximize your gold income and gain an advantage over your opponents.

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2. Master Your Champion

Each champion in League of Legends has unique abilities and playstyles. To improve your mechanical abilities, it
is vital to master a specific champion or a small pool of champions. By focusing on a few champions, you can become
familiar with their abilities and optimize your gameplay. Spend time exploring your champion’s strengths,
weaknesses, and optimal item builds. Understanding your champion thoroughly will give you an edge in battles and
allow you to react quickly in different situations.

3. Work on Your Positioning

Positioning is a critical aspect of mechanical gameplay in LoL. It involves placing your champion in an advantageous
position to deal damage to enemies while minimizing the risk of being eliminated. Maintain a safe distance from
enemy champions who can burst you down and position yourself strategically to hit priority targets. Additionally,
pay attention to your team’s positioning and coordinate your attacks accordingly to maximize your effectiveness
during team fights.

4. Improve Your Map Awareness

Having good map awareness is crucial to making sound decisions and preventing ganks from enemy players. Keep an eye
on the mini-map at all times to gather information about the enemy team’s movements. This will help you avoid
potential ambushes and provide opportunities for you to roam and support your teammates. Improve your map awareness
by actively looking at the mini-map every few seconds and utilizing ping communication to alert your team.

5. Practice Kiting and Orb-Walking

Kiting and orb-walking are mechanical techniques that involve seamlessly attacking opponents while moving during
engagements. This skill is particularly useful for ranged champions who rely on attack damage. Practice your
kiting skills by attacking an enemy while simultaneously moving away to maintain distance and avoid taking
unnecessary damage. With consistent practice, you can enhance your kiting abilities and effectively outplay opponents
in one-on-one duels and team fights.

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6. Utilize Smartcasting

Smartcasting is a feature in League of Legends that allows you to cast abilities immediately upon pressing the
corresponding key. By default, each ability is set to normal casting, requiring an additional mouse click to
activate. However, smartcasting enables quicker ability execution, reducing the delay between inputs. Experiment
with smartcasting to find a comfortable setup that suits your playstyle. Mastering smartcasting can significantly
improve your reaction time and increase your overall mechanical efficiency in fast-paced situations.


Becoming better mechanically at League of Legends is a journey that requires practice, dedication, and a willingness
to learn and adapt. By focusing on key areas such as last hitting, champion mastery, positioning, map awareness,
kiting, and smartcasting, you can enhance your mechanical skills and ultimately dominate the Summoner’s Rift. Remember
to practice regularly, analyze your gameplay to identify areas of improvement, and seek guidance from experienced
players or coaches. Good luck on your quest to become a mechanically proficient LoL player!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long does it take to improve mechanically in League of Legends?

A: The time needed to improve mechanically varies for each player. Consistent practice and dedication are essential
to see noticeable improvement. It could take weeks or even months to significantly enhance your mechanical skills.

Q: Is it necessary to play ranked games to improve mechanically?

A: While playing ranked games can provide a more competitive environment, you can also improve your mechanical
skills in normal games or practice modes. The focus should be on actively working on your mechanics and decision-making
rather than solely relying on the ranked ladder.

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Q: Are there any specific champions recommended for improving mechanics?

A: It is often suggested to start with mechanically simpler champions before transitioning to more complex ones.
Champions like Ashe, Garen, or Annie can help you concentrate on fundamental mechanics before delving into more
intricate champions like Yasuo or Zed.

Q: Can watching professional players or streamers help improve mechanical skills?

A: Absolutely! Watching professional players or high-level streamers can provide valuable insights and help you
learn new techniques, positioning strategies, and champion mechanics. Observing how they navigate team fights and
make split-second decisions can be a great learning experience.

Q: Are there any specific training exercises or drills recommended for improving mechanics?

A: There are several training exercises you can incorporate into your practice routine. These include last hitting
drills, 1v1 custom matches against friends, practicing specific mechanics like animation canceling, and focusing on
specific aspects of your gameplay such as map awareness or kiting skills.

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