How To Enlarge A Closet Door Opening

How To Enlarge A Closet Door Opening

How To Enlarge A Closet Door Opening

How To Enlarge A Closet Door Opening


Having a spacious and functional closet is a dream for many homeowners. However, sometimes the closet door opening is too small, making it difficult to access and organize your belongings. This article will guide you through the process of enlarging a closet door opening to create a more functional and visually appealing storage space.


  1. Assessment and Planning

    Before you begin the process of enlarging a closet door opening, it is important to assess your needs and plan accordingly. Consider the size of your clothing and other items you plan to store in the closet. Measure the width and height of the current door opening to determine how much larger you want it to be.

  2. Remove the Existing Door and Frame

    The first step in enlarging a closet door opening is to remove the existing door and frame. Start by unscrewing the hinges from the door jamb and removing the door. Use a pry bar to carefully remove the frame, taking care not to damage the surrounding walls.

  3. Mark and Cut the Opening

    Once the existing door and frame are removed, use a tape measure and level to mark the new door opening on the surrounding walls. Make sure the marks are accurate and level before proceeding. Use a circular saw or reciprocating saw to carefully cut along the marked lines, creating the new opening.

  4. Install New Door Frame

    With the new opening created, it is time to install a new door frame. Measure the dimensions of the new opening and purchase a pre-hung door frame kit that fits those measurements. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble and install the door frame, ensuring it is plumb and level.

  5. Finish the Opening

    After installing the new door frame, you can finish the opening to make it visually appealing. Use drywall compound to fill any gaps or holes around the frame. Sand the compound once it is dry to create a smooth surface. Apply primer and paint to match the surrounding walls, or choose a contrasting color for a stylish accent.

  6. Install New Door

    Once the opening is finished, you can install a new door that fits the larger opening. Measure the dimensions of the new opening and purchase a door that fits those measurements. Attach the hinges to the door and secure it to the door frame. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly.


Enlarging a closet door opening can significantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of your storage space. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a spacious and easy-to-access closet that meets your needs. Remember to measure carefully, use the appropriate tools, and take your time to ensure a successful outcome.


1. Do I need any specific tools for enlarging a closet door opening?

Yes, you will need basic tools such as a tape measure, level, circular saw or reciprocating saw, pry bar, screwdriver, and hammer. Additionally, you may need drywall compound, sandpaper, primer, and paint for finishing the opening.

2. Can I attempt this project on my own, or should I hire a professional?

If you have some experience with home improvement projects and feel confident in your abilities, enlarging a closet door opening can be a DIY project. However, if you are unsure or if it requires structural modifications, it is recommended to consult a professional for assistance.

3. How long does it typically take to enlarge a closet door opening?

The time required to enlarge a closet door opening will depend on the complexity of the project and your experience level. It can range from a few hours to a full day or more. Make sure to allocate enough time and plan accordingly.

4. Can I use the existing door for the larger opening or should I purchase a new one?

If the existing door fits the new opening size and complements the overall aesthetic, you can reuse it. However, if the door is too small or doesn’t match your design preferences, it is recommended to purchase a new one that fits the larger opening.

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