How To Determine Ac Tonnage From Model Number Lennox

How To Determine Ac Tonnage From Model Number Lennox

How To Determine AC Tonnage From Model Number Lennox

How To Determine AC Tonnage From Model Number Lennox

When it comes to purchasing or replacing an air conditioning (AC) unit, understanding its tonnage is crucial.
Tonnage refers to the cooling capacity of an AC unit and it plays a significant role in ensuring proper comfort
and energy efficiency in your home or office. If you own a Lennox AC unit and are unsure about its tonnage,
this article will guide you on how to determine the AC tonnage using the model number. By following the steps
outlined below, you will be able to identify the tonnage of your Lennox AC unit accurately.

Understanding AC Tonnage Basics

Before diving into the specifics of determining AC tonnage for Lennox models, let’s first understand the basics
of AC tonnage. Tonnage refers to the amount of heat an air conditioning unit can remove from a space in one
hour. It is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). One ton of cooling capacity is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs
per hour. This means that a 2-ton AC unit can remove 24,000 BTUs of heat from a space in an hour, while a
3-ton unit can remove 36,000 BTUs.

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Locating the Model Number

In order to determine the tonnage of your Lennox AC unit, you will need to locate the model number first. The
model number is typically present on a metal plate attached to the outside condenser unit or on the indoor air
handler. It can also be found in your AC unit’s owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Once you have
located the model number, you can proceed with finding the tonnage information.

Determining Tonnage From Model Number Lennox

Lennox model numbers usually consist of a combination of numbers and letters. The tonnage information can be
decoded from specific digits or characters within the model number. Here are some common formats and examples:

1. Tonnage as the First Digit

In certain Lennox models, the tonnage is represented by the first digit of the model number. For example, if
your Lennox AC model number starts with a “2,” it indicates a 2-ton unit. Similarly, if it starts with a “3,”
it signifies a 3-ton unit. This format makes it relatively easy to determine the tonnage by simply looking at
the first digit.

2. Tonnage as the First Two Digits

In some Lennox models, the tonnage is represented by the first two digits of the model number. For instance, a
model number starting with “21” indicates a 2-ton unit, while a number starting with “35” represents a 3.5-ton
unit. This pattern allows for a more precise determination of tonnage without the need for further

3. Tonnage Multiples

In a few Lennox models, the tonnage information is expressed as multiples of a specific number. For example, if
the model number consists of a three-digit number followed by a “42” or “48,” it indicates a 3.5-ton unit
since both numbers are multiples of 0.5 tons. Another example is a model number ending in “60,” which suggests
a 5-ton unit.

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4. Additional Codes and References

Some Lennox model numbers may include additional codes or references that are needed to determine the tonnage.
These codes, such as A, B, C, or D, may follow the digits representing the tonnage. You can find the necessary
information by referring to the Lennox manufacturer’s website or contacting their customer support for

It is important to note that the tonnage information within Lennox model numbers can vary depending on the
model’s age and the region it was manufactured for. Newer models may have different coding patterns compared to
older ones. In case you face any difficulties or uncertainties, it is always recommended to consult the Lennox
manufacturer or a certified HVAC professional for accurate tonnage determination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I determine the tonnage of my Lennox AC unit based on its physical size alone?

A1: No, it is not possible to determine the tonnage of a Lennox AC unit based solely on its physical size. The tonnage information is encoded in the model number, which needs to be deciphered using specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Q2: Can I use the tonnage information to determine the energy efficiency of my Lennox AC unit?

A2: No, the tonnage information only indicates the cooling capacity of the AC unit and does not directly relate to its energy efficiency. To determine the energy efficiency of a Lennox AC unit, you need to look for its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.

Q3: Can I upgrade or downgrade the tonnage of my existing Lennox AC unit?

A3: It is generally not recommended to upgrade or downgrade the tonnage of your existing Lennox AC unit without consulting a professional HVAC technician. Incorrect tonnage can lead to inefficient cooling, increased energy consumption, or system malfunctions. A qualified technician can assess your cooling needs and recommend the appropriate tonnage for your space.

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Being able to determine the tonnage of a Lennox AC unit from the model number is valuable knowledge when it comes
to purchasing, replacing, or troubleshooting your air conditioning system. By understanding the different coding
patterns and references associated with Lennox model numbers, you can accurately identify the tonnage of your AC
unit. Remember to refer to the Lennox manufacturer’s website or consult their customer support if you encounter
any difficulties or uncertainties during the identification process. If in doubt, always consult a certified HVAC
professional to ensure proper tonnage determination and energy-efficient cooling for your home or office.

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