How To Build Mobile Legends Hyper Joy: Little Pepper Chili!

How To Build Mobile Legends Hyper Joy: Little Pepper Chili!

How To Build Mobile Legends Hyper Joy: Little Pepper Chili!

One of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends that has caught the attention of many players is Joy, an Assassin hero with unique crowd control abilities and support skills. Joy can also be built as a hypercarry, making it a great choice for players who enjoy playing tank roles and helping their team secure victory. In this article, we will discuss how to turn Joy, originally an assassin hero, into an effective hypercarry in Mobile Legends. Our goal is to maximize Joy’s performance and aid the team in achieving victory.

Hero Overview and Build for Joy Hyper in Mobile Legends:
Joy is a versatile hero in MLBB that can be played in multiple roles, including as a team’s EXP laner. One playstyle that can be implemented is to build Joy as a hypercarry, which we will delve into in this article. In Mobile Legends, choosing and using the right items for your hero is one of the main factors in achieving success in battles. Items play a crucial role in boosting your hero’s abilities, granting additional strength, and enhancing your survivability against enemies. Therefore, there are several important aspects to consider when creating an effective hyper build for Joy in Mobile Legends. Let’s explore some essential items that you can consider when building an efficient hyper carry Joy.

Item Build for Joy Hyper in Mobile Legends:
When building Joy as a hypercarry, the choice of items plays a critical role. The items you select will affect Joy’s ability to gain experience, deal damage, and provide support to the team. With that said, let’s discuss some key items that are vital for Joy’s hyper build, which will help optimize Joy’s potential in the game of Mobile Legends.

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Arcane Shoes: This should be your first item choice for Joy. Arcane Shoes provide additional attributes, including +40 movement speed and +10 Magic PEN.

Genius Wand: The next item to consider is Genius Wand, which provides +75 Magical Power and +5% SPD movement. It also has a unique passive that reduces the Magic Defense of enemy heroes if your attacks hit them. This effect can stack up to three times.

Ice Queen Wand: Another important item to pay attention to is Ice Queen Wand, which provides +75 Magical Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, +150 HP, and +7% SPD movement. Its unique passive allows it to slow down enemy heroes for 3 seconds, with this effect stacking up to twice.

Concentrated Energy: This is the fourth recommended item for Joy. Concentrated Energy offers +70 Magical Power, +700 HP, and a unique passive that allows for 10% Max HP recovery when you eliminate opponents successfully.

Holy Crystal: Consider Holy Crystal as the next item. It provides +100 Magical Power, and its unique passive grants an additional 21-36% Magical Power to all your attacks.

Divine Glaive: Divine Glaive should be your final item choice. It provides +65 Magical Power and a unique attribute of +35% Magic PEN. Its unique passive allows you to gain an additional 0.1% Magic PEN for every attack on your opponents. The maximum accumulation for this passive is based on 20% of the opponent’s Magic Defense.

Emblem and Battle Spell for Joy Hyper in Mobile Legends:
To further support your hyper build strategy for Joy, you must also choose suitable Emblems and Battle Spells. Here are some recommendations for the Mobile Legends Joy Hyper Build.

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Emblems: You can utilize the Custom Mage Emblem. Allocate three points to the sub talent “Agility” for an additional 6% movement speed. Allocate three points to the sub talent “Observation” for +6 Magic PEN. Lastly, add one point to the talent “Magic Worship,” which enhances your damage output against enemies based on their maximum HP, causes them to be burned, and deals magic damage.

Battle Spells: There are several suitable Battle Spells for Joy’s hyper build in Mobile Legends. Two recommended options are:
1. Battle Spell: Retribution – This is crucial when using Joy as a jungler or hyper carry. It provides additional damage by 60% and reduces damage taken from jungle monsters by 50%. This allows for more efficient farming and required item purchases. The spell’s cooldown is 35 seconds.
2. Battle Spell: Revenge – Revenge is a Battle Spell that reflects a portion of the damage received as Magic Damage to enemies for 3 seconds. It also reduces damage taken from enemies by 35%. The spell’s cooldown is 75 seconds.

How to Play Joy Hyper in Mobile Legends:
To execute Joy’s combo skill rotation effectively, follow these steps:
1. Use the skill “Look, Leonin Crystal!” near the enemy.
2. Activate the skill “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” in the direction of Leonin Crystal to obtain a shield and increased movement speed.
3. Use the skill “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” to attack up to five times quickly, ensuring you collect Beat accordingly.
4. After attacking five times, immediately use the skill “Ha, Thrilling Beat!” to finish off the enemy.

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Closing Thoughts:
This concludes the information on how to optimize the usage of Joy as a hypercarry with the Joy Hyper Build in Mobile Legends. We hope that this guide will be useful for you when playing with Joy and achieving victory in your Mobile Legends matches. Good luck and enjoy the game!

1. How can I build Joy as a hypercarry in Mobile Legends?
To build Joy as a hypercarry, focus on items like Arcane Shoes, Genius Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, and Divine Glaive that enhance her damage and survivability.

2. Which emblem should I use for Joy’s hyper build?
The Custom Mage Emblem is recommended for Joy’s hyper build. Allocate points to the Agility, Observation, and Magic Worship talents to boost movement speed, Magic PEN, and damage output.

3. What are some suitable Battle Spells for Joy’s hyper build?
Retribution and Revenge are two Battle Spells that work well with Joy’s hypercarry gameplay. Retribution provides extra damage and damage reduction against jungle monsters, while Revenge reflects damage received and reduces damage taken from enemies.

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