Facts about Aboy Geek Fam, an Underrated Midlaner who has similar gameplay to RRQ Lemon

Facts about Aboy Geek Fam, an Underrated Midlaner who has similar gameplay to RRQ Lemon

Facts about Aboy Geek Fam, an Underrated Midlaner who has similar gameplay to RRQ Lemon

Article Title: Interesting Facts About Aboy Geek Fam: The Rising Star with Similar Gameplay to RRQ Lemon


Aboy Geek Fam has been making waves since 2022, gaining fame as a skilled player in the Indonesian gaming community. He joined Geek Fam after playing for Bless Esports, where he secured a second-place position in the Mobile Legends Super Esports Series – Week 8. Despite his relatively short time in the industry, Aboy has showcased a stable performance as a Midlaner, capturing the attention of fans and competitors alike. In this article, we will explore some interesting and lesser-known facts about Aboy Geek Fam.

1. The Beginning of Aboy Geek Fam’s Career:

Aboy, whose full name is Valent Agriansyah Putra, joined Geek Fam as a new member towards the end of 2022. He initially joined the Geek Fam ID Junior team, the training academy of the Geek Fam ID organization. In their first match, Aboy and his team finished 3rd-4th in the Esports Presidents Cup 2022 – West Qualifier. This opportunity led him to participate in the MDL Indonesia Season 6 event. Although Aboy Geek Fam and his team secured a 7th-8th position in the tournament, it served as a stepping stone for their future success.

2. A Rising Star in Mobile Legends Professional League Invitation 2022:

Aboy Geek Fam was given the responsibility of leading his team in the prestigious Mobile Legends Professional League Invitation 2022 (MPLI). Throughout the competition, Aboy’s exceptional performance caught the attention of both opponents and fans. He even managed to secure a solo kill in one match, showcasing technical abilities similar to RRQ Lemon, a renowned player. This achievement further solidified Aboy’s reputation as a rising star in the competitive gaming scene.

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3. Aboy Geek Fam is Heavily Inspired by RRQ Lemon’s Play Style:

Many have noticed the similarities between Aboy and RRQ Lemon’s playing styles, and Aboy himself acknowledges this fact. He admits that most of his gameplay is inspired by Lemon, including the frequent use of Chow as his main hero. Aboy holds Lemon in high regard as a senior player and aspires to achieve the same level of skill. This admiration has led him to study Lemon’s matches closely, learning valuable lessons that have influenced his own gameplay.

4. MVP in MPL Indonesia Season 7:

After being promoted from the academy, Aboy joined Geek Slate for MPL Indonesia Season 7. Despite finishing in fourth place in the final standings, with 9 wins, 3 draws, and 4 losses, Aboy managed to stand out. His exceptional performance earned him the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) in MPL Indonesia Season 7, with an impressive record of 66 points, 153 kills, and 233 assists.

Update on Aboy Geek Fam at MPL Indonesia Season 12:

Aboy Geek Fam continued to impress in MPL Indonesia Season 12, consistently delivering outstanding gameplay. The team secured second place and received the Team of The Week #8 award. During the competition, several events stood out, including:

1. Live Battles with Idols:

MPL Indonesia Season 12 will be remembered for Aboy Geek Fam due to their encounter with RRQ Lemon during the playoffs. Lemon’s unique hero choices, including Cecilion, Edith, and Rafaela, caught Aboy and his team off guard. Despite the challenges faced, Aboy learned valuable lessons from the experience, boosting his confidence in future competitions.

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2. Missed out on the Finals:

Aboy Geek Fam and his team successfully reached the MPL ID S12 Grand Final, earning them a spot in the M5 World Championship. Although they narrowly lost to Bigetron Alpha with a score of 3-2 in the Lower Bracket, their journey was commendable.

3. Aboy Geek Fam Successfully Steals Attention:

Throughout the competition, Aboy’s exceptional performance, particularly in the Land of Dawn map, showcased him as an underestimated midlaner in Indonesia. Fans and players alike praised his skills and felt he deserved more recognition. Aboy’s standout performance against BTR Alpha earned him the Player of the Match title.

4. Direct Compliments from MPL ID:

Aboy Geek Fam received direct praise from the official MPL ID Instagram account (@mpl.id.official). The account described Aboy as an integral player for the Geek Fam team, with precise timing and game sense that secured victories for the team. This recognition further solidified Aboy’s growing reputation in the gaming community.


Aboy Geek Fam has emerged as a rising star in the Indonesian gaming scene, showcasing exceptional skills and gameplay reminiscent of RRQ Lemon. Despite joining Geek Fam relatively recently, he has already made significant strides and secured notable positions in various tournaments. Aboy’s journey, coupled with his determination and passion for the game, highlights his potential for even greater success in the future. Follow Aboy’s updates on his Instagram account (@geek.aboyy) to stay updated on his latest achievements and advancements in the gaming world.


1. What is Aboy Geek Fam’s real name?

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Aboy Geek Fam’s real name is Valent Agriansyah Putra.

2. When did Aboy join Geek Fam?

Aboy joined Geek Fam towards the end of 2022.

3. What competition did Aboy participate in with Geek Fam?

Aboy participated in the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitation 2022 (MPLI) with Geek Fam.

4. Who is Aboy heavily inspired by?

Aboy is heavily inspired by RRQ Lemon’s play style and often studies Lemon’s matches to enhance his own gameplay.

5. What accolade did Aboy receive in MPL Indonesia Season 7?

Aboy was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in MPL Indonesia Season 7.

6. How did Aboy perform in MPL Indonesia Season 12?

Aboy Geek Fam and his team secured second place in MPL Indonesia Season 12 and received the Team of The Week #8 award.

7. Did Aboy receive compliments from MPL ID?

Yes, Aboy received direct praise from the official MPL ID Instagram account (@mpl.id.official) for his exceptional gameplay and contributions to the team’s victories.

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