Extraordinary Role Potential Besides Tanks

Extraordinary Role Potential Besides Tanks

Extraordinary Role Potential Besides Tanks

Ruby is a Fighter and Tank hero in the game Mobile Legends with extraordinary abilities. With her crescent sword, she excels at stealing lives and is hard to beat, especially when using the Ruby Roamer build. Ruby is known for her crowd control skills, although she is not as strong as other Warrior or Tank heroes. However, with the right items, Ruby can be a valuable asset to her team as a Tanks/Fighters. One of her notable abilities is her life-stealing power, which can be devastating when used wisely against opponents. Before discussing the details of the Ruby Roamer build, it is important to understand her strengths and weaknesses to master the game better.

Ruby is known for her versatility in taking on different types of opponents and her impressive performance in team fights. This makes her a popular choice among professional players as an Offlaner or Roamer. In this article, we will discuss the best build for Ruby Roamer in Mobile Legends.

The Ruby Roamer build focuses on maximizing Ruby’s life-stealing abilities and making her difficult to kill. With the recommended items below, Ruby becomes the “Queen of Lifesteal” in the game, constantly benefiting from stolen life during gameplay.

Professional players often use Ruby as a pure Offlaner or Roamer due to her expertise in charging and crowd control. Her life-stealing abilities make her hard to defeat, especially when surrounded by minions that serve as a source of stolen life. Ruby can even handle 1 vs 5 battles thanks to her infinite life-stealing power.

To transform Ruby into a deadly and crucial hero for the team, the Ruby Roamer build includes the following items:

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1. Rapid Boots: Increases movement speed for fast roaming.

2. Haas’ Claws: Boosts Ruby’s Physical Lifesteal and provides an additional 15% boost when her HP is below 50%.

3. Endless Battle: Every 3 seconds after using skills, Ruby’s next basic attack deals True Damage in addition to regular damage.

4. Blade of the 7 Seas: Enhances physical attack and penetration against opponents whenever Ruby deals damage.

5. Oracle: Provides defense and HP regeneration, making it easier for Ruby to block opponents.

6. Immortality: Revives Ruby if she is eliminated by opponents.

With this build, Ruby becomes a formidable hero that is hard to stop and poses a significant threat in the game. She also becomes a valuable asset in team battles while roaming between lanes.

When it comes to Emblem and Battle Spells, Custom Fighter Emblem is the most suitable choice for Ruby. Bloodthirsty can greatly increase the effectiveness of her Vampiric Spell. As for Battle Spells, flicker is a perfect choice for Ruby as it not only helps her escape or chase enemies but also enhances her skill, I’m Offended!.

To play Ruby effectively, here are some strategies for the Ruby Roamer build:

1. Take advantage of the skill, Be Good!, when approaching enemies to maximize damage and lifesteal.

2. Make sure to hit the enemy accurately with the skill, My Area Offended!, to attract them and initiate team fights effectively.

3. Shock enemies with the skill, Don’t Run, Wolf King!, to stop their movement and block their escape routes.

In conclusion, Ruby is a flexible hero in Mobile Legends that can be used as a Tank, Offlaner, or Roamer. She has the potential to be a strong starter if the right build items are used. With her life-stealing abilities, she can also be a formidable Roamer and a trustworthy Offlaner/Fighter to hold a lane alone. The Ruby Roamer build prioritizes strong lifesteal, high damage, fast roaming, and decent resistance.

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1. What is Ruby’s role in Mobile Legends?
– Ruby can be used as a Fighter or Tank in Mobile Legends.

2. What is the best build for Ruby Roamer?
-The best build for Ruby Roamer includes items that prioritize lifesteal, high damage, and fast roaming.

3. What emblem and battle spell should I use for Ruby Roamer?
– It is recommended to use the Custom Fighter Emblem and Flicker as the battle spell for Ruby Roamer.

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