Evos Wann’s Struggle That Started As A Jockey

Evos Wann’s Struggle That Started As A Jockey

Evos Wann’s Struggle That Started As A Jockey

Updated: October 4, 2023 08:43

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Evos Wann’s Struggle That Started As A Jockey

Life. Illustration source: FREEPIK/8photo

Muhammad Ridwan, better known as Wann, is a professional Mobile Legends player and content creator. He was born on July 7, 2004, in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Despite being the youngest of seven children, Ridwan had a strong interest in the world of gaming from a young age, frequently visiting internet cafes to play various games, such as AyoDance, Point Blank, and Lost Saga.

His passion for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games began when he tried playing League of Legends. Although he was unable to master the game, Ridwan continued his gaming journey and eventually switched to Mobile Legends.

Ridwan’s introduction to Mobile Legends came in the 3rd grade of high school when his friend, Yogi, introduced him to the game. However, Ridwan didn’t own a mobile phone to play Mobile Legends at that time. Determined to play the game, he asked his father for a phone, but his father couldn’t fulfill his request due to financial constraints.

After a month, Ridwan’s father received some additional income, and he gave Ridwan Rp 1,000,000 to buy a phone. Ridwan purchased a used Samsung phone for one million Rupiah from Facebook, but it turned out that the phone couldn’t run Mobile Legends smoothly. He decided to sell it for IDR 850,000 and bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Since then, Ridwan has been dedicated to playing Mobile Legends. However, his phone broke in season 4, and he was unable to continue playing. Fortunately, a friend named Ihsan introduced him to a Mobile Legends jockey job, where he got the opportunity to play with an iPhone 6 for the first time.

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Ridwan’s consistent efforts and passion for Mobile Legends fueled his dream of becoming a professional player. Learning about the potential income of pro players further motivated him. Initially, Ridwan faced resistance from his family, especially his mother, who considered gaming as gambling. Despite the disagreements, Ridwan tried to convince his parents that he could achieve success and make them proud.

Ridwan faced a personal tragedy when his father passed away from a heart attack, just a week before he was set to move to Jakarta to pursue his dreams. However, he didn’t give up and used his savings from his job as a Mobile Legends jockey to make the journey to Jakarta. He wanted to prove to his parents that he could succeed in the field of esports.

In Jakarta, Ridwan faced challenges but received help from the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) to reach his friend’s house. He later joined the Star8 esports team, followed by transitions to NV Onic, Revo Esports, and finally Evos. Ridwan had offers from other top teams, but he chose Evos due to a unique reason – he wanted to gain weight, as the team had a reputation for providing good meals to its players.

Ridwan’s skills in playing heroes like Ling and Harith led Evos esports to victory in multiple tournaments, including the Indonesian Esports Nations Championship (IMNC) in 2015, MPL season 4, and the M1 World Cup. He often received the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in various games. Ridwan considers his time with Evos esports as a valuable learning experience and regards the team as a second family.

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Outside of esports, Ridwan ventured into the business world with a kebab business in Pontianak named “Kebab Wan.” Despite focusing on his esports career, Ridwan is open to franchise opportunities for Kebab Wan. He also started a YouTube channel called “Wann” in 2018, which has gained substantial popularity with over 646 thousand subscribers.

Ridwan values the support of his parents, considering it crucial to his success. He has become a well-known figure among Mobile Legends fans as a Midlaner. Ridwan’s journey showcases the importance of pursuing one’s passion and working towards one’s dreams from a young age, understanding that success doesn’t come overnight but through perseverance and continuous growth.


1. What is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

2. How did Ridwan’s Mobile Legends journey begin?

Ridwan’s interest in Mobile Legends started when a friend introduced him to the game during high school.

3. Why did Ridwan choose to join Evos?

Ridwan chose Evos because he wanted to gain weight, as the team was known for providing good meals to its players.

4. What tournaments has Ridwan won?

Ridwan has won several tournaments, including the Indonesian Esports Nations Championship (IMNC) in 2015, MPL season 4, and the M1 World Cup.

5. Does Ridwan have any other ventures aside from esports?

Yes, Ridwan runs a kebab business called “Kebab Wan” in Pontianak.

6. What is Ridwan’s YouTube channel called?

Ridwan’s YouTube channel is named “Wann.”

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