Drian ONIC Profile: Talented and Star Mid Laner in MPL Indonesia!

Drian ONIC Profile: Talented and Star Mid Laner in MPL Indonesia!

Drian ONIC Profile: Talented and Star Mid Laner in MPL Indonesia!

Speaking of young professional Mobile Legends (ML) players, it would be a shame not to mention Drian ONIC. This talented player has achieved impressive milestones at a relatively young age and is often referred to as a rising star in MPL Indonesia. Drian and his team, ONIC, emerged victorious in MPL Indonesia Season 11, solidifying their dominance in the competition. What makes Drian even more intriguing is his unwavering loyalty to ONIC since he embarked on his career in 2018. Let’s delve deeper into Drian Onic’s profile and his remarkable achievements as a Mobile Legends pro player.

Getting to know Drian ONIC:

Drian ONIC represents the epitome of success and perseverance among young Mobile Legends players. For nearly 5 years, Drian has stood strong as a key player for the Yellow Hedgehog team. He joined ONIC Esports in 2018, making him the youngest member on their roster at the time. In his debut match during the qualification round of MPL Season 2, 16-year-old Drian showcased his skills and secured a spot in the main event. He finished in 3rd place in MPL ID Season 2, kickstarting his rise in the professional Mobile Legends scene. Today, Drian, also known as Adriand Larsen Wong, garners immense respect for his numerous achievements, particularly in MPL Indonesia.

Full Profile of Drian ONIC:

Full name: Adrian Larsen Wong
Nationality: Indonesia
Place and date of birth: Pontianak, August 28, 2002
Age: 21 (as of 2023)
Role: Mid laner
Team History: ONIC Esports (2018 – present)
Hero Main pillars: Kagura, Pharsa, Kaja, Cecilion, and Xavier
Social media: Instagram @driandlarsen

Impressive Achievements that Define Drian ONIC’s Profile:

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Drian ONIC has always been a prominent figure in local Mobile Legends competitions. His list of achievements is truly impressive and is a source of pride for anyone associated with him. Some noteworthy achievements include:

1. Strengthening ONIC from MPL ID Season 2 to 11:
Drian ONIC has been a pillar for the Yellow Hedgehog team in the mid lane. Despite occasionally playing as a substitute, Drian’s contributions have been invaluable in maintaining ONIC’s championship status in MPL Indonesia Season 11. He has consistently represented ONIC in every season of MPL Indonesia, establishing himself as the longest-serving player in the team.

2. Dominant Performances in MPL Indonesia:
Drian made his debut in MPL ID Season 2 in 2018, the same year he decided to pursue a professional career with ONIC. Surprisingly, he led his team to a 3rd place finish. This success continued in subsequent seasons, with Drian and his team clinching the top spot in MPL Indonesia Season 8, 10, and 11. He also secured 2nd place in MPL Indonesia Season 9 and 3rd place in MPL Indonesia Season 5. Furthermore, he achieved 4th place in MPL Indonesia Season 4, 6, and 7. These achievements have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a formidable opponent in high-level matches.

3. Remarkable Individual Performances in MPL Indonesia:
In addition to his team’s success, Drian has also shone individually in MPL Indonesia. In 2020, he won the Week 3 MVP title in MPL Season 5. The following year, he was awarded Best Middle Lane in MPL Indonesia Season 8. Drian’s dominancy continued, securing Week 8 MVP and a spot in Team of the Week #5 in 2021, during MPL Indonesia Season 9 and 10. These accolades further solidify his exceptional skills and contributions to the team.

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Highlighting Drian ONIC’s Best Achievements:

Drian ONIC’s career with ONIC has seen numerous extraordinary achievements. Here are some of his most notable accomplishments:

1. 2023: Top Placement in MPL ID Season 11:
In the prestigious MPL ID Season 11, the Yellow Hedgehog team successfully defended their championship title. Although Drian only participated in a few matches, his instrumental role cannot be underestimated. The strategic rotation of players within the team proved successful, leading Drian and ONIC to claim the top position in MPL ID Season 11. In the same year, Drian showcased his skills on the international stage at the S-Tier M4 World Championship, securing 4th place.

2. 2021 and 2022: Reigning Supreme in MPL ID and One Esports:
Despite finishing 2nd in MPL ID Season 9, ONIC bounced back to secure the top spot in MPL ID Season 10. The following year saw Drian and ONIC’s continued success, as they clinched the top positions in MPL ONE Esports 2022 invitation and MPL ID Season 8. This mirrored their triumph in MPL ONE Esports 2021 invitation and MPL ID Season 8 the previous year.

3. 2019: Consistent First-Place Finishes:
Less than a year after joining ONIC, Drian proved himself to be a formidable mid laner. Together with his talented team, they secured first place in three prestigious tournaments in 2019: the Cup President of Esports 2019, MPL Indonesia Season 3, and MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2019.

Drian ONIC’s consistency and championship-winning performances make him an exceptional player in every match he competes in. The future holds great promise for this rising star, and fans eagerly anticipate his continued success.

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1. How long has Drian ONIC been with ONIC Esports?
Drian ONIC has been with ONIC Esports since 2018 and has maintained his loyalty to the team ever since.

2. Which heroes does Drian ONIC specialize in?
Drian ONIC excels in playing heroes such as Kagura, Pharsa, Kaja, Cecilion, and Xavier.

3. What are some of Drian ONIC’s notable achievements?
Drian ONIC has achieved several remarkable feats, including leading ONIC to victory in MPL Indonesia Season 11, consistently performing dominantly in MPL Indonesia, and receiving individual accolades such as MVP titles and Best Middle Lane awards.

4. Has Drian ONIC competed in international tournaments?
Yes, Drian ONIC had the opportunity to showcase his skills on the international stage at the S-Tier M4 World Championship, where he secured 4th place.

5. What are some of Drian ONIC’s greatest achievements?
Drian ONIC’s notable achievements include securing the top spot in MPL ID Season 11, MPL ONE Esports 2022 invitation, MPL ID Season 10, and MPL ONE Esports 2021 invitation. Additionally, he won first place in the Cup President of Esports 2019, MPL Indonesia Season 3, and MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2019 tournaments.

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