DPD REI Riau Holds REI Property Fair 2023

DPD REI Riau Holds REI Property Fair 2023

DPD REI Riau Holds REI Property Fair 2023

DPD REI Riau Organizes REI Property Fair 2023

Riau, Indonesia – The Governor of Riau, Drs., inaugurated the REI Property Fair 2023 on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. This exhibition, which aims to showcase various housing products, will run until Sunday, November 5, 2023. The opening ceremony was attended by notable figures such as the DPP REI General Leader Joko Suranto, DPP REI Vice President for Promotion Ikang Fawzi, and DPP REI Deputy Secretary General Amran Tambi, among others.

The Provincial Head of Riau Province’s PUPRPKPP, M Arief Setiawan, expressed his appreciation for the REI Property Festival 2023. He emphasized that this event serves as a platform to inform the community about available housing options. Arief also stated that the exhibition aims to facilitate and streamline the process of owning a dream home for individuals.

Furthermore, Arief hopes that the Property Festival will stimulate the local economy, which has suffered due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He assured housing developers of the Riau Regional Government’s continuous support in terms of regulations, spatial planning, and other necessary facilities. Arief highlighted the importance of meeting the housing needs of the community.

Joko Suranto, the Chairman of DPP REI Riau, emphasized the significance of homes as educational tools for families. He stated that a home is a constitutional requirement, an indicator of prosperity, and a unifying factor for families. Joko called upon the government to play an active role in facilitating housing developers, considering that the real estate industry can drive employment in various related sectors.

According to Joko, the REI Property Festival 2023 presents an opportune time for individuals, especially the Riau community, to invest in a home. The pricing of housing units currently remains stable, with no price increases over the past three years. Joko highlighted the importance of taking advantage of this situation, noting that the prices of subsidized houses for type 36 are currently IDR 162 million, which will increase to IDR 168 million in 2024.

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Elvi Syofriadi, Chairman of DPD REI Riau, emphasized the importance of the Real Estate Fair 2023 in assisting housing developers in the delivery of sales promotions and information. The fair aims to simplify the purchasing process for potential buyers, especially for subsidized and commercial housing units that are relatively affordable for individuals from all socioeconomic groups.

The organizing committee of the REI Property Festival 2023, headed by Angga Rahyu Sahputra, selected the theme “With REI, it’s easy to own a house.” Various financial institutions, including BRI, BNI, BTN, BTN Syariah, Bank Riaukepri Syariah, KB Bukopin, Bank Nagari, Bank Mandiri, BJB, and the Riau Provincial Government, are committed to providing facilities and assisting the public in achieving their dream of owning a home.

The festival features 48 booths, with 24 of them representing members of DPD REI Riau, consisting of 39 developers. In addition to showcasing housing developments, the REI Property Festival 2023 will also host several activities for the public, including a Mobile Legend E-Sport competition, Drawing and Coloring Competition for children, Fashion Show, Cosplay, and various entertainment programs with attractive prizes.

FAQ Section

1. When does the REI Property Fair 2023 take place?
The exhibition starts on November 1, 2023, and concludes on November 5, 2023.

2. Who attended the opening ceremony of the Property Festival?
The opening ceremony was attended by prominent figures, including the Governor of Riau, the General Leader of DPP REI, the Vice President for Promotion of DPP REI, and other distinguished guests.

3. How does the Riau Provincial Government support housing developers?
The Riau Provincial Government supports housing developers by providing regulations, spatial planning assistance, and other necessary facilities to promote housing development.

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4. Are housing prices expected to increase?
Currently, housing prices remain stable with no price increases in the past three years. However, prices of subsidized houses for type 36 are projected to increase to IDR 168 million in 2024.

5. How many booths are available at the REI Property Festival 2023?
The festival offers 48 booths, with 24 of them representing members of DPD REI Riau, consisting of 39 developers.

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