Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Legends: Heroes and Their Roles

Mobile Legends: Bang-bang (MLBB) offers a wide range of heroes with unique roles and abilities. However, not all players can remember the names of these heroes and their specific roles. This guide aims to provide a complete list of ML heroes and their roles, helping players improve their gameplay and enhance their rank in the game.

Complete List of ML Hero Names with Roles:
To assist players in memorizing hero names and roles, here is a comprehensive list of ML heroes categorized by their respective roles:

1. Tanks:
– Akai
– Atlas
– Baxia
– Belerick
– Franco
– Gatotkaca
– Gloo
– Grock
– Hylos
– Johnson
– Khufra
– Lolita
– Minotaur
– Tigreal
– Uranus

2. Fighters:
– Aldous
– Alpha
– Alucard
– Argus
– Badang
– Chou
– Dyrroth
– Freya
– Hilda
– Lapu-Lapu
– Leomord
– Masha
– Paquito
– Ruby
– Silvanna
– Sun
– Terizla
– Thamuz
– X.Borg

3. Assassins:
– Benedetta
– Fanny
– Gusion
– Hanzo
– Hayabusa
– Helcurt
– Karina
– Lancelot
– Ling
– Natalia
– Saber
– Selena

4. Mages:
– Alice
– Cecilion
– Chang’e
– Cyclops
– Esmeralda
– Eudora
– Gord
– Harith
– Kadita
– Kagura
– Lylia
– Luo Yi
– Lunox
– Odette
– Pharsa
– Valir
– Vexana
– Vale

5. Marksman:
– Beatrix
– Brody
– Clint
– Granger
– Hanabi
– Karrie
– Kimmy
– Layla
– Lesley
– Miya
– Moskov
– Popol and Kupa
– Roger
– Wanwan
– Yi Sun-shin

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6. Supports:
– Angela
– Carmilla
– Diggie
– Estes
– Faramis
– Kaja
– Mathilda
– Nana
– Rafaela

Knowing the names and roles of Mobile Legends heroes is essential for players to effectively strategize and coordinate gameplay. With this comprehensive guide, players can confidently select heroes that complement their preferred playstyle. Remember, practice and teamwork are key to achieving success in Mobile Legends!


1. How can I acquire new heroes in Mobile Legends?
Heroes can be acquired by using battle points (BP), tickets, or diamonds. BP can be earned by participating in matches, while tickets can be obtained through events or in-game rewards. Diamonds can be purchased using real money.

2. Can I change a hero’s role in Mobile Legends?
No, the roles of Mobile Legends heroes are fixed. However, some heroes have versatile abilities that allow them to adapt to different playstyles within their designated roles.

3. Are there any new heroes being added to Mobile Legends?
Yes, the game developers frequently introduce new heroes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Stay updated with the latest patch notes and announcements to discover upcoming heroes.

4. How can I improve my rank in Mobile Legends?
Practice, communication, and teamwork are crucial for rank improvement. Understand your hero’s role, develop effective strategies, and coordinate with your teammates to secure victory in matches.

5. Are there any hero balance changes in Mobile Legends?
Yes, the developers regularly balance heroes to ensure fair gameplay. Keep an eye on patch notes and official announcements to stay informed about hero adjustments and updates.

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