Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Don’t claim to be a Mobile Legend player if you don’t remember the hero’s name and role

Don’t Claim to be a Mobile Legends Player If You Can’t Remember Hero Names and Roles

Not all Mobile Legends: Bang-bang (MLBB) players can remember the names and roles of dozens of heroes in the game. While some hero names like Alucard, Angela, Balmond, and Zilong are well-known, there are many other great heroes that players might not be familiar with. Therefore, it’s essential to know the names and roles of these heroes, especially for beginners who are just starting their journey in the game and want to improve their rank.

Complete List of ML Heroes and Their Roles

According to the mobile-legends.fandom site, ML heroes are divided into six roles: tank, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman, and support. Each role has its own specific tasks and a list of heroes associated with it.

1. Tanks – Tanks have the crucial role of protecting the team and resisting enemy attacks. They serve as the frontline defenders.

2. Fighters – Fighters have the dual role of distracting the enemy and protecting the team, while also dealing heavy damage to opponents.

3. Assassins – Assassins are responsible for quickly eliminating enemy heroes.

4. Mages – Mages excel in using magical powers to unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.

5. Marksmen – Marksmen specialize in inflicting massive damage to enemy heroes from a distance.

6. Supports – Supports focus on providing assistance to the team through healing, protection, and crowd control. They play a vital role in keeping the team alive and providing utility.

The Heroes and Their Roles

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Here is a comprehensive list of ML heroes and their respective roles:

1. Aaamon – Assassin
2. Akai – Tank/Fighter
3. Aldous – Fighter
4. Alice – Mage
5. Alpha – Fighter
6. Alucard – Fighter/Assassin
7. Angela – Support/Mage
8. Argus – Fighter/Assassin
9. Arlott – Fighter
10. Atlas – Tank/Fighter
11. Aulus – Fighter
12. Aurora – Mage
13. Balmond – Fighter/Tank
14. Bane – Fighter
15. Barats – Tank/Fighter
16. Baxia – Tank
17. Beatrix – Marksman
18. Belerick – Tank
19. Benedetta – Assassin/Fighter
20. Brody – Marksman
21. Bruno – Marksman

(Note: The complete list of heroes and their roles can be found in the original article.)

How to Obtain Heroes in Mobile Legends

To acquire heroes in Mobile Legends, players can either use 32,000 BP (Battle Points) or tickets that are obtained during gameplay. Additionally, players who have the means can also purchase heroes using Diamonds. Each hero has its own unique abilities and playstyle, so it’s crucial to have a good understanding of their roles and how they fit into the team composition.

FAQs about Mobile Legends Heroes:

1. Can I change the role of a hero in Mobile Legends?

No, heroes in Mobile Legends are specifically designed for their designated roles. Their abilities and playstyle align with their assigned role, which contributes to the team’s overall strategy.

2. Are there new heroes introduced regularly in Mobile Legends?

Yes, the developers regularly introduce new heroes to keep the game fresh and diverse. New heroes offer unique gameplay mechanics, abilities, and styles, ensuring that players always have something new to explore.

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3. How can I unlock heroes quickly in Mobile Legends?

To unlock heroes quickly, players can focus on earning Battle Points through matches and completing daily quests. By participating actively in the game and accumulating Battle Points, players will have the opportunity to unlock more heroes without spending money.

That concludes our discussion on the importance of knowing the names and roles of heroes in Mobile Legends. So, before claiming to be a Mobile Legends player, make sure you familiarize yourself with these heroes and their roles. Enjoy playing and may your ranks soar high!

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