Donny Pangilinan on the pros and cons of online gaming

Donny Pangilinan on the pros and cons of online gaming

Donny Pangilinan on the pros and cons of online gaming

The film “GG” featuring Donny Pangilinan revolves around the theme of sports, particularly electronic sports or esports. In the movie, Donny portrays a player who initially finds online games uninteresting. This raises the question of whether gamers, especially in the Filipino culture, are misunderstood.

Donny shares his own experience, acknowledging that online gaming has its pros and cons. He emphasizes the importance of moderation, stating that one can enjoy online games but should not become too addicted. Just like in life, setting limits is essential. The film aims to showcase the good and bad aspects of sports in general, including esports.

During the movie’s media conference, Donny’s co-stars in “GG,” Johannes Rissler, Gold Aceron, Kaleb Ong, and Igi Boy Flores, also shared their thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming. Johannes highlights the need for balance and time management, emphasizing that spending time with family is crucial. Igi Boy sees online gaming as a positive activity, mentioning its educational and formative potential.

It is worth noting that video games can now be utilized as educational tools. However, Maricel Laxa, another cast member, warns against excessive use and the lack of moderation, as anything done excessively can be harmful. She emphasizes the importance of doing things in the right way.

Igi Boy gives advice on how to control and manage online fans, emphasizing the need for time management. He acknowledges the existence of social relationships within the gaming community but also highlights the importance of relationships in the physical environment.

Gold, who won the Best Actor award at the Cinema One Originals for his performance, believes that online games can have positive effects if used correctly. He emphasizes their potential for professional and educational purposes. However, he cautions against addiction and emphasizes the importance of time management.

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Kaleb, an actor-Tiktoker, sees gaming as an outlet for stress. However, he also acknowledges that excessive gaming can lead to more stress, especially when losing. He emphasizes the need for true balance and control.

According to research from Newzoo’s Global Gaming Market, there will be an estimated 3.09 billion active video gamers worldwide by 2023. In the Philippines, around 43 million people, representing 43% of the population, are players.

The film “GG” is a collaboration between Mediaworks Inc., Cignal Entertainment, and Create Cinema.


Q: What is the theme of the movie “GG”?
A: The theme of the movie “GG” is sports, specifically electronic sports or esports.

Q: Who stars in the movie “GG”?
A: Donny Pangilinan, Johannes Rissler, Gold Aceron, Kaleb Ong, and Igi Boy Flores are some of the cast members of “GG”.

Q: What are the pros and cons of online gaming according to the actors?
A: The actors highlight the educational and formative potential of online gaming but also warn against excessive use and addiction.

Q: How many active video gamers are there worldwide?
A: According to Newzoo’s Global Gaming Market report, there will be around 3.09 billion active video gamers worldwide by 2023.

Q: How many players are there in the Philippines?
A: In the Philippines, there are approximately 43 million players, which accounts for about 43% of the population.

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