Critically Hacked, This Teenager Is Treated In ICU, His Family Can’t Afford The Cost Of Treatment

Critically Hacked, This Teenager Is Treated In ICU, His Family Can’t Afford The Cost Of Treatment

Critically Hacked, This Teenager Is Treated In ICU, His Family Can’t Afford The Cost Of Treatment

Title: Teenager Critically Injured in Brutal Attack, Family Struggles to Cover Medical Expenses

Introduction: The Rengasdengklok police are currently investigating a disturbing case where a teenager, identified only as R, was subjected to a severe assault, leaving him in critical condition. The attack took place at the Mambaul Ulum Boarding School in Rengasdengklok Selatan Village, Karawang Regency, on October 27th, 2023. Law enforcement officials are diligently working to apprehend the perpetrators, and the victim’s family is facing financial challenges in covering the medical expenses for his treatment.

Investigation and Pursuit of Perpetrators

According to the Rengasdengklok Police Chief, Kompol Yuswandi, the investigation is ongoing, with various leads being pursued. Police have interrogated some of the victim’s friends for information, while other teams are actively searching for the suspects. Efforts are underway to apprehend the individuals responsible for this heinous crime.

The Identification of Suspects and Recovery of Evidence

The Rengasdengklok Police have reported that they have not encountered any significant obstacles in determining the identity of the alleged perpetrator. Although the suspect managed to flee the scene, law enforcement authorities have obtained the vehicle used by the assailant as evidence in their investigation.

Critical Condition and Harrowing Incident Details

One of the victim’s family members has shared that the teenager is currently in critical condition. The horrifying attack occurred while the victim was engrossed in a game of Mobile Legends outside the Pondok Pesantren Manbaul Ulum in Rengasdengklok. A group of unknown individuals on motorcycles approached the victim, armed with a sickle-like weapon.

During the assault, the victim and several local residents were brutally attacked without any apparent motive. As a result, the victim sustained a severe injury to the upper part of their waist, causing internal organ damage. The injured victim was immediately transported to Asyifa Kutawauya clinic for emergency treatment and was subsequently referred to the Karawang Regional Hospital. Currently, the victim remains in critical condition under intensive care in the hospital’s ICU.

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Financial Struggles and Request for Support

In addition to the legal aspects of the case, the victim’s family is grappling with significant financial burdens. Due to the victim’s inability to access the necessary healthcare coverage such as BPJS, KIS, and Karawang Healthy, they have been forced to bear the general medical expenses. The family, who are not financially well-off, hopes that the perpetrators’ family will be held accountable for the costs incurred in this incident. To cover the victim’s medical expenses, they have reached out to donors for temporary financial assistance.


1. Who is the victim in this case?
The victim is a teenager identified with the initials “R.” Due to privacy concerns, further personal information has not been disclosed.

2. What is the current condition of the victim?
The victim is in critical condition and is receiving intensive care treatment in the ICU at the Karawang Regional Hospital.

3. Are the authorities making progress in identifying and apprehending the attackers?
The Rengasdengklok police are actively investigating the case and making efforts to locate and apprehend the individuals responsible for the attack.

4. How can the public support the victim’s family?
The victim’s family is seeking temporary financial assistance from willing donors to cover the medical expenses. Any support extended towards this cause would be highly appreciated.

The assault on a teenager in Rengasdengklok has left the victim in critical condition, prompting a diligent investigation by the local police. While the authorities work towards finding the culprits, the victim’s family is burdened with significant financial challenges in covering the medical expenses. Their hope is that the responsible party will be held accountable for these costs. Temporary assistance from donors is currently being sought as the victim fights for recovery in the ICU.

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