Come on, learn how to build a knockout-proof Fredrinn tank!

Come on, learn how to build a knockout-proof Fredrinn tank!

Come on, learn how to build a knockout-proof Fredrinn tank!

One of the most popular mobile games currently is Mobile Legends, which offers a variety of heroes with unique abilities. One hero in particular, Fredrin, has great potential as a hypercarry or tank. By discussing the build for Fredrin as a tank, we can optimize his performance in the game and help the team achieve victory. In this article, we will discuss an effective build for Fredrin as a tank in Mobile Legends that is guaranteed to be unbeatable.

Fredrin is a hero in Mobile Legends that acts as a tank/fighter. He has a lot of crowd control skills, especially with his second and third skills. Fredrin also has unique skills that can only be activated after collecting crystals when attacking enemies. Therefore, using Fredrin can be a bit more complicated. As Fredrin’s main role is a tank, using physical items will not significantly affect his abilities. However, using tank items will strengthen Fredrin’s defense and attack simultaneously. The following build for Fredrin as a tank can solve this problem and make him very difficult to beat, especially in the late game phase.

Fredrin is also considered as a hero that is difficult to gank because he has the ability to blink and crowd control, which allows him to escape from the pursuit of opponents. For more information about Fredrin’s other builds, you can read other articles.

In Mobile Legends, the selection of items plays an important role in improving a hero’s performance. Below, we will list some options for building items for Fredrin as a tank, which will enhance his strength in the game.

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1. Rigid Shoes: These shoes provide a 30% reduction in crowd control. This advantage allows Fredrin to act as a tank and fighter, making it difficult for him to be affected by enemy crowd control.

2. Helmet Be Damned: This item is suitable for Fredrin as it provides extra magic damage to enemies around him. The passive effect of this item can be used to quickly clear wave minions.

3. Guardian Helmet: This item provides a unique passive effect that allows Fredrin to stay on the battlefield without having to return to the base. It returns 2.5% of Fredrin’s max HP when no enemies are attacking him, allowing him to continue participating in battles without falling behind.

4. Ice Mastery: This item reduces the absorption effects of lifesteal and shields from enemies by 50%. This is useful as Fredrin often faces enemies with high lifesteal or shields.

5. Twilight Shield: This item gives a unique passive effect that deals magic damage with every attack. Its effectiveness increases when Fredrin uses Guardian Helmet.

6. Immortality: This item provides extra life in the late game phase. When Fredrin is defeated by an enemy, there will be a brief pause that allows his teammates to provide assistance.

In addition to items, the selection of emblems and battle spells also plays a crucial role in optimizing Fredrin’s abilities as a fighter/tank. The Tank Emblem is recommended as it increases physical attacks and HP, resulting in a dramatic increase in firepower. The Battle Spells Flicker, Aegis, and Vengeance are suitable for Fredrin as they provide mobility, extra protection, and the ability to reflect magic damage back to opponents.

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To play with Fredrin as a tank, there are two combat combinations you can use. The first involves approaching the opponent with Brave Attack, followed by a Basic Attack to prepare for damage and crowd control effects. Then, you can use Stab Shot to give damage in the desired direction and collect Combo Points. Finally, use Energy Burst to reduce skill lag. The second combination is similar, but you start with a Brave Attack followed by a Basic Attack to initiate crowd control effects, then use Stab Shot to deal additional damage and collect Combo Points. Energy Burst is used to reduce skill lag, and you can end the attack with Appraiser’s Wrath.

In conclusion, there are several items that can be used effectively to build Fredrin as a tank in Mobile Legends. It is important to always adapt items, emblems, and battle spells to your playing style and the in-game situations you face. Training, teamwork, and a deep understanding of Fredrin’s abilities will be key to becoming a strong player. Have fun playing!


1. Q: How can I counter Fredrin as an opponent?
A: To counter Fredrin, focus on crowd controlling him and denying his ability to collect crystals for his unique skills. Build items that reduce his defense and prioritize heroes with burst damage.

2. Q: Can Fredrin be played as a hypercarry?
A: Yes, Fredrin has the potential to be played as a hypercarry, especially if built with damage items instead of tank items. However, it is important to have a team that can protect him as he lacks mobility.

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3. Q: What role does Fredrin play in a team composition?
A: Fredrin can play as a tank/fighter, providing crowd control and protection for the team. He is particularly useful in team fights and can initiate engages or peel for his teammates.

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