Cadeera Geek Fam, Dominant Player in MPL Indonesia Season 12

Cadeera Geek Fam, Dominant Player in MPL Indonesia Season 12

Cadeera Geek Fam, Dominant Player in MPL Indonesia Season 12

Cadeera Geek Fam ID has been gaining popularity recently after showcasing dominant performances individually and helping his team secure a second-place finish in MPL Indonesia Season 12. Cadeera caught the attention of many throughout the event, carrying his team to success early on. He won several accolades, including Week 5 MVP, Most Improved Player, and was a part of the First Team Winner, all of which contributed to the rising star status of Cadeera Geek Fam ID.

But how did Cadeera become the rising star of MPL Indonesia Season 12? Let’s delve into his profile and achievements to find out more about this talented gold laner from Geek Fam ID.

Complete Biography and Profile of Cadeera Geek Fam ID:
Cadeera Geek Fam, whose full name is Mohammad Dwi Chandra Pambudi, hails from Madura and is a professional MLBB player. He started his esports career last year at the age of 19 and has already achieved significant milestones along the way. After exploring various esports teams, Cadeera joined Geek Fam ID and made his debut in MPL ID Season 10.

In his first match, Cadeera showcased his dominance and earned the Week 7 MVP award, as well as the Team of the Week accolade. This impressive achievement caught the attention of his opponents, establishing him as a formidable player from Madura.

To satisfy your curiosity about Cadeera, here is a summary of his profile, including his full name, nationality, date of birth, age, role, hero main pillars, and social media account:

– Full name: Mohammad Dwi Chandra Pambudi
– Nationality: Indonesia
– Date of birth: January 4, 2003
– Age: 20 years (until 2023)
– Active years: 2022 – present
– Role: Gold Laner
– Hero Main pillars: Wanwan, Beatrix, Brody, Claude, Valentina
– Instagram: @geek.caderaa
– Team History: 2022 – present: ID Geek Fam

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Despite his achievements, Cadeera had an interesting journey before becoming a professional MLBB player for Geek Fam ID. Let’s explore his career path before he decided to focus on playing Mobile Legends.

Cadeera’s Journey to Professional Gaming:
Before discovering Mobile Legends, Cadeera initially fell in love with Arena of Valor (AOV), a game by Garena. However, he eventually found AOV less challenging and started searching for an esports game that suited his abilities. This is when he came across Mobile Legends and decided to pursue it seriously.

Cadeera’s path to joining Geek Fam ID was not without its challenges. He underwent several trial phases with well-known esports teams, and his persistence paid off when he finally joined Geek Fam ID after replacing a friend who couldn’t attend the trials. Though initially eliminated, fate granted him a second chance, and he seized the opportunity to become the main player for Geek Fam ID.

Furthermore, Cadeera made a significant decision to fully focus on becoming a professional gamer during his third semester of college. He participated in MPL Indonesia Season 10 with Geek Fam ID, and to prioritize his career in esports, he decided to leave his student status behind. This commitment paid off, as he achieved remarkable success and showcased exceptional skills.

Achievements of Cadeera Geek Fam:
Cadeera’s achievements, especially with Geek Fam ID, are noteworthy and deserve recognition. Here are some of his notable accomplishments:

– MPL ID Season 12 Runner-up: Cadeera played a pivotal role in Geek Fam ID’s second-place finish in MPL ID Season 12. This performance secured them a spot in the M5 World Championship for the first time. Cadeera and his team excelled both as a cohesive unit and individually, earning several other accolades, such as Week #3 and #5 Teams, Week 5 MVP, Most Improved Player, and First Team Winner.

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– Stage 5-6 MPL ID Season 11: In MPL ID Season 11, Cadeera led Geek Fam to a 5-6 position. Despite not achieving their desired results, Cadeera’s remarkable progress earned him the title of Best Player in the tournament.

– Second place in MPL ONE Esports 2022 invitation: In 2022, Cadeera Geek Fam achieved second place in the MPL ONE Esports 2022 invitation tournament. They even defeated the M3 World Championship winners, Blacklist International, in the quarter-finals before securing their position in the grand finale.

– Level 8 MPL Indonesia Season 10: Cadeera made his first appearance with Geek Fam ID in MPL Indonesia Season 10. Though they didn’t make it to the playoffs, this milestone played a crucial role in Cadeera’s journey as a professional player.

Cadeera’s journey in the competitive MLBB scene, particularly with Geek Fam ID, is captivating and filled with surprises. Fans eagerly await his performance in the upcoming M5 World Championship in November.


1. Where is Cadeera Geek Fam from?
Cadeera Geek Fam is from Madura, Indonesia.

2. What is Cadeera’s full name?
Cadeera’s full name is Mohammad Dwi Chandra Pambudi.

3. What is Cadeera’s role in Geek Fam ID?
Cadeera is a gold laner for Geek Fam ID.

4. What are Cadeera’s main hero pillars?
Cadeera’s main hero pillars are Wanwan, Beatrix, Brody, Claude, and Valentina.

5. What are Cadeera’s notable achievements?
Cadeera has achieved several notable accomplishments, including being the Week 5 MVP, Most Improved Player, and part of the First Team Winner in MPL ID Season 12. He also helped Geek Fam ID secure a second-place finish and qualify for the M5 World Championship for the first time. Additionally, he achieved impressive results in MPL ID Season 11 and MPL ONE Esports 2022 invitation.

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