Build a Floryn Tank with thick HP? Very possible! Come on, keep trying!

Build a Floryn Tank with thick HP?  Very possible!  Come on, keep trying!

Build a Floryn Tank with thick HP? Very possible! Come on, keep trying!


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is experiencing rapid growth with the addition of exciting new heroes and diverse features that enhance the gaming experience. One hero that has captured the attention of many players is Florin, a Support hero known for its excellent healing abilities. In this article, we will delve into detailed strategies and guides on how to build Florin as an effective and powerful tank to support your team in intense battles. With a deeper understanding of this character, you will be better prepared to be a reliable and effective protector for your team.

Florin is primarily a Support hero specialized in taking care of teammates by protecting them and reducing the enemy’s HP. Mechanically, this hero possesses skills that are relatively easy to master, making it suitable for beginners. Before we begin, we recommend checking out some additional articles on building Florin as a tank for further insight.

Florin is a versatile hero that can fulfill three roles simultaneously: Roamer, Support, and EXP lane. As a Roamer, Florin has high HP in the early game phase but deals relatively low damage. Roamer heroes like Florin are vulnerable to attacks from Witches or fighters who can easily take them down. Additionally, Florin’s skills have short cooldowns, allowing for consecutive attacks on opponents.

Florin is often used as a Marksman to finish off opponents with low defense, such as Mages, Marksmen, and assassins. Furthermore, as the game progresses, Florin can also face strong fighter or tank heroes.

Now, let’s discuss the recommended item builds for Florin as a tank. These are suggestions from top global Mobile Legends players that you can use as a reference.

1. Warrior Boots: This item can be obtained for free from the start of the game at the Land of Dawn. You can also give it to your teammates without taking up an item slot. Teammates who accept this item will receive a special buff, including cooldown reduction and increased impact. These shoes are suitable for heroes who often find themselves running low on mana.

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2. Athena’s Shield: This item is perfect for Support heroes, tanks, or fighters as it provides a unique passive that enhances absorption and offers significant HP regeneration. The absorption ability can continuously grow, increasing HP regeneration by 30%.

3. Necklace of Durance: This item is a versatile item that can be used by tanks, fighters, or Support heroes. It is particularly useful when facing heroes with regenerative, absorbing, or healing effects. By using this item, you can reduce the effects of such abilities by 50% and also receive a buff that reduces the opponent’s attack speed by 30%. Moreover, it reduces skill cooldowns, allowing for more frequent use of ultimate skills.

4. Immortality: This item enables you to revive after death within 2.5 seconds with an additional 16% HP and armor that can absorb up to 1200 damage. However, the armor effect only lasts for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, this item has a long cooldown of 210 seconds.

Now, let’s move on to the Emblem and Battle Spell builds for Florin as a tank in Mobile Legends. These play crucial roles, especially during early battles.

For Emblems, if you want to focus on ganking and supporting the team by regenerating your teammate’s HP, you can use the Custom Emblem Support with the Focusing Mark effect. This Emblem deals damage to enemies while giving a damage buff to teammates for 3 seconds.

For Battle Spells, if you want to surprise opponents who tend to flee from battles, you can use the Flameshot spell to finish off escaping enemies. Flameshot deals magic damage ranging from 200 to 680, depending on the distance from the opponent. You can also combine Flameshot with the Glow Stick spell to apply a burning effect to hit enemies.

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If survival is a concern, the Flicker spell can help you escape quickly. This spell allows you to move around without needing additional capabilities and grants a bonus to physical and magic defense for 1 second. However, it has a relatively long cooldown of 120 seconds.

For opponents with crowd control or stunning abilities, the Petrify spell can help eliminate negative effects. This spell grants invulnerability for 1.2 seconds and a 15% movement speed increase.

In terms of gameplay, as a Support or Tank hero, there are no strict rules for skill usage. Your primary focus should be monitoring your teammates’ health and providing support when their HP is low or protecting low HP heroes on your team. In team battles, use your second skill to heal and deal damage to enemies. Additionally, Florin’s ultimate skill, Bloom, not only provides healing but also deals area damage.

If playing as a Tank or Roamer, it’s crucial to stay on the front line but not overly so. It’s best to appear on the map when you are with your teammates.

In conclusion, Florin is a Support hero with immense potential to provide meaningful support to the team in Mobile Legends. By building Florin effectively, utilizing skills wisely, and working solidly with the team, you can maximize Florin’s role in every battle. Adaptability is key, so remember to adjust your gameplay according to the situation in the game and continue practicing to improve your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is Florin better suited as a Support or Tank hero?
Florin can excel in both roles. As a Support hero, Florin provides valuable skills and can offer significant healing to the team. However, Florin can also function effectively as a Tank hero, thanks to its high HP and crowd control abilities.

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2. How should I allocate my Emblems for Florin as a tank?
For Florin as a tank, you can choose the Custom Tank Emblem with the Dare to Hit effect. This Emblem provides 7% HP recovery when you use crowd control effects on enemies, which is particularly useful for heroes with high HP and crowd control abilities.

3. What is the best Battle Spell for Florin as a tank?
The best Battle Spells for Florin as a tank depend on the situation. If you want to secure kills or finish off fleeing opponents, Flameshot is a great choice. If you need to escape quickly from battles, Flicker can help. If you’re facing opponents with crowd control abilities, Petrify can help eliminate the negative effects.

4. How should I play Florin effectively as a tank?
To play Florin effectively as a tank, prioritize monitoring your teammates’ HP and providing timely support. Use your healing abilities to sustain your team and deal damage to enemies when necessary. Be mindful of positioning, staying on the front line without overextending. Work closely with your team, adapt to game situations, and continue practicing to improve your skills with Florin.

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