Academy’s 3rd Anniversary Celebrated with Futsal and E-Sports Tournaments

Academy’s 3rd Anniversary Celebrated with Futsal and E-Sports Tournaments

Academy’s 3rd Anniversary Celebrated with Futsal and E-Sports Tournaments

Kotabumi, Warta9.com – In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, D’Academy Futsal organized a tournament and E-Sports event for students from across North Lampung Regency. The tournament saw participation from numerous teams representing different schools.

Yopi, the Chief Executive of D’Academy Futsal, expressed his gratitude to Dispora Lampung Utara for their support in hosting the Futsal and E-Sports Tournament at Padang Gor Sukung Kelapa Tujuh. He also thanked all other parties involved for their assistance and encouragement, which made the event possible.

M. Aditya Hafizd Arafat, the Supervisor of D’Kotabumi Futsal Academy, stated that they will continue organizing events at the student level to identify talent and nurture the achievements of young individuals. He also hoped that the Futsal Academy would serve as a platform for the growth and development of the youth in Kotabumi.

Aditya conveyed his appreciation to all the committee members who worked hard to ensure the success of the D’Academy Futsal event. The 3rd D’Academy Anniversary Tournament featured the participation of 80 primary, secondary, high school, and women’s futsal teams. Additionally, there were 24 teams competing in Mobile Legend, 24 teams in Freefire, and the event will span over 7 days from 8th to 14th October.

Aditya urged all the participants who registered for the D’Academy Futsal and E-Sports event to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. He emphasized that they are the future leaders of North Lampung and encouraged them to excel not only in the tournament but also in their personal development.

The D’Academy Futsal Tournament saw the presence of Manager M. Abim Andoka, Futsal Coach M Aditya Hafizd Arafat, Representatives of the Izal District Futsal Association (AFK), as well as numerous supporters from different schools. The tournament also received direct support from Monica Kianti, the General Manager of Kiyo Cafe Kotabumi.

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1. What is D’Academy Futsal?
D’Academy Futsal is an organization that focuses on promoting and developing futsal among students in Kotabumi.

2. How many teams participated in the 3rd D’Academy Anniversary Tournament?
The tournament witnessed the participation of 80 futsal teams from primary, secondary, high schools, and women’s categories.

3. Which E-Sports games were included in the tournament?
The tournament included Mobile Legend and Freefire competitions.

4. How long did the event last?
The D’Academy Futsal and E-Sports event lasted for 7 days, from 8th to 14th October.

5. Who supported the event?
The event received support from Dispora Lampung Utara, Kiyo Cafe Kotabumi, and various other organizations and individuals.

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